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SUMMARY OF REQUIREMENTS. (enlargement below)


1).- Have filled out and sent: your Affiliation online, and have been confirmed and received at the headquarters. (You will receive a confirmation email).


2).- Demonstrate 18 years for Membership as a Member in any category.


2.1). – Demonstrate 16 years for ASFI® Youth Brigade (if applicable).


3).- Valid Official Identification (scanned or Photographed in good quality on both sides).


4).- A brief Curriculum Vitae.


5).- Scan or Photograph (clear, centered and legible) of: Diplomas, Certificates or Titles. Or last degree of studies (proof).


6).- Photograph in front of color against white background in good quality. No Shadows.


7).- Proof of current address (you can cross out consumptions) it is only important to confirm her address.


8).- Letter of intention to be part of the Volunteering and Letter of Acceptance of Rules and Regulations, and Consent to data processing, which you can download. The Letter of Intent and the Acceptance of Current Rules and Regulations are integrated in the same format.


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You can Download the Requirements «HERE»




1.- The first Requirement is: Fill in the Online Membership Form (if it is here, it is because you have already done it) You should receive or have received confirmation of your membership, from the central. (The Assistant, who is available, will request the documents described here).


“You can go ahead and have them ready! This will speed up your early Enrollment considerably”


The Requirements to be able to conclude your Membership to become a Member, (valid for any category), are the following:


2.- Show that: you are over 18 years of age, for any of the organization’s Memberships.


2.1.- Show that: you are over 16 years of age (for youth brigades of the organization). If it is your case.


3.- Valid Official Identification. Good quality scan or photo of both sides of your ID. (Those of your country: IFE, INE, DNI, RUT, RG, CI, CC. CIP, FM2, FM3, Passport, ID.) The Driver’s License is valid as “Official Identification” for the United States of America, Mexico and Canada. All identification must be current. (Expired Identifications are not accepted) If you do not have a Valid Identification, contact us, so that we can indicate what other options there are, to verify your Identity.


4.- Brief curriculum vitae. (Of the basics that you can find in Word, or LibreOffice).


5.- Scanning and/or “Centered, Clear and Legible” photographs of: Diplomas, Certificates, Titles, or the last maximum level of studies.


6.- Digital front photo, CURRENT and in color. (Requirements for photos below).



6.1.- Whether or not a Member Certificate is sent to you. Take photography. The Appointment Documents to Positions, since 2020, carry a photograph.


6.2.- The Member Credentials in any category of Acupuncturists Without Borders International ASFI®-AWBIS®, carry a photograph.





6.4.- Take a reasonable time to take the picture. Because photographs taken from another, or outdated, or identifications are not allowed.


6.5.- We recommend that you take the photograph on a plain white background in good quality (do it as many times as you deem necessary, until it is as you “like it.” No Shadows.


6.6.- Once, used and having modified the background, and embedded in the documents, it will not be possible to modify it until its next renewal.


6.6.- WOMEN: Always with hair tied back, if it is short, well combed (no loose hair remains, these will be visible in the documents). No glasses and soft, or discreet makeup.


6.7.- MEN: Hair collected in case of being long. Well-groomed short hair (do not have loose hair, these will be visible in the documents), If you have a beard or mustaches, or both, they must be well trimmed, without earrings, or piercing.


7- Proof of address (any electricity, telephone, water or service bill) (except for cellular companies), which clearly indicates your address, you can cross out/delete, consumption, we are only interested in the address, it does not matter if it is not at your name, you can cross it out/delete it as well).


(Identification is not accepted as proof of address).


Keep in mind that all the requirements are first time, renewals are simple. (only applicable updates apply).


In the renovations only an update of the photograph is carried out, if you change your address, a new receipt. If I am taking new therapies, specialties, etc., you must send the certificates. This can add a higher category of Member (What is announced is a data update), if appropriate or necessary.


8.- Letter of intention to be a Volunteer and Letter of Acceptance of Current Rules and Regulations.


Download Acceptance and Requirements file «HERE»

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