Policies on the Acceptance or Rejection of Affiliations or Active and Inactive Members. (Includes cancellations for illegal or breach of Standards).

These policies apply to: ASFI® (1) International, as the mother Association to: “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales”, AWBIS® (1) International, by its acronym: “Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society”, FEDASF® (2) Internacional: “Federación Internacional de Acupuntores Sin Fronteras y Sociedades de Acupuntura”, IFAWBAS® (2) International,: “International Federation of Acupuncturists Without Borders and Acupuncture Societies”, ASFWHO® (3) International: “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras – World Humanitarian Organization”, and ASFLAT® (4) Latin America by its initials: “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America and Caribbean”.

Being the websites that are governed by this SAME Policy, which can be viewed on each of the stated websites Namely:

ASFI® International https://acupuntoresinfronteras.org for Spanish, or https://www.acupunturistasemfronteiras.org, for Portuguese, or https://acupuncteursansfrontieres.org, for French and https://agopuntorisenzafrontiere.org, for Italian. AWBIS® International https://acupuncturistswithoutborders.org, for English. FEDASF® Internacional https://fedasf.org, for Spanish. IFAWBAS® International https://ifawbas.org, for English. ASFWHO® International https://asfwho.org, multi-language. ASFLAT® Latin America https://asflat.org, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

All belonging to the Same Organization, each Central, with its acronyms and web domains, unified, directed and Administered, in a single Unified Directors Board, that are contained in the social minutes of the non-profit Organization “Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales ASFI A.C”.

For matters of Simplification and better understanding we will name on this website, “THE ORGANIZATION” to refer to any of the mentioned websites. In the case of this website, it will be https://acupuncturistswithoutborders.org, “AWBIS®”, or simply: “The Organization”.


UNFINISHED MEMBERSHIP: When any person, having filled out and sent the membership form, does not fully or partially complete the requested requirements. A notice will be sent, with the missing requirements within 10 days, upon receipt of the form. In the event of no response, or after 30 calendar days have passed, the documents that may have been sent will be destroyed, but the membership form will be kept for any future claim act by the person who left the process unfinished or abandoned. affiliation.

AFFILIATE: It is the person who successfully completed their membership registration, sent the requested documentation in a timely manner, accepted the Organization’s Guidelines and Regulations, policies, Legal Notices, by checking the corresponding boxes. The Requirements that were received were verified, being complete. Your curriculum vitae, your academic degrees, photo in the required quality. Being “Accepted” by the Binding and International Relations Area or by the Legal Department. Both Departments are the ones who verify the veracity of data and documents. And those who manage, create, delegate the task of sending the credentials, along with the Instructions on how to use Membership in the Organization.

MEMBER: Who is already Registered and Verified with the Documentation sent to us and the Data and Documents are Protected by our “Personal Data Policies”. The Member can be framed in any of the Categories that AWBIS®-ASFI® has for Member identification. Members are obliged to know the Guidelines and Regulations of the Organization, and to enjoy their Benefits, and to observe their Rights and Obligations. (Shortened version).

ACTIVE MEMBER: Member who has not expired his credential, his membership, and renews in the time granted for the position he holds (if he holds it), or any other condition that he informs: that he has not been, vetoed or sanctioned. It is not an Expired Member or a Pending Renewal Member. He takes action, and does what the guidelines and Regulations indicate. He actively participates in all activities of the organization, whenever he can and has time available.
EXPIRED MEMBER / INACTIVE MEMBER: Person who was part of the Organization, but whose membership and credential expired. He had 30 calendar days to proceed with his renewal and he did not. by not renewing on time, sometimes a single notice will be sent to you. (It is not mandatory by the Organization). In the event of ignoring the notice, and not having received the renewal; At 31 days, you are considered inactive. Subsequently, after the 180 calendar days indicated in the Guidelines and Regulations, the Organization will understand that there is no real interest to renew, therefore, it proceeds with the “Total Cancellation of the Membership”. The personal data of him will be archived, for any future claim act by the former Member. But his data will continue to be protected by the Personal Data Protection Policies.


AWBIS®-ASFI®, FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, ASFWHO® an ASFLAT®, its directors in the Representations, or the personnel that is designated, may occasionally carry out partial, total or exhaustive Verifications or Audits on individuals who join for the first time, in cases of doubt, about any document, capabilities, identity, or “supported” suspicion of adulterations in the required data.

The Management of the Organization, or the area that the Unified Directors Board, (UDB™ -JDU®-CAU®), entrusts, reserves the right to verify each member who joins and registers, in all possible legal ways, in particular, the data provided, to check, collate but not limited to: the documents, that are true, reliable, do not contain scratches or amendments, that the scans are clear, visible, in good quality, that there is no adulteration, that as they are digitized, photographed or scanned material, they could be adulterated; that the identification data coincide with the name that appears in their academic degrees, their nationality, and others that they provide, and send for verification as a requirement for their affiliation.

This includes, but is not limited to: Verification of the postal address provided, telephone calls to verify the phone where you will receive alerts or notifications, verification that the email, where you will receive important notifications, is correct, (for which, according to Guidelines, you give us your consent when you join). Occasional verifications could include the education entity in which you studied, to verify that the degrees, certificates, diplomas, certificates of studies, have been granted by said entity. If you are a student, it could be verified that your studies are being carried out, without limitation, among others, that those responsible for the Organization, or any of its Areas, in your country, may require. (It does not apply to Collaborating Members (former Auxiliaries), or Members without profession, or related profession).

Occasionally, the International Legal Department, or one of the Verification Areas, both in ASFWHO® International jurisprudence, may request Members with positions in the country (if any) to request that the Member who joins, who joined, be postulates, or renews its membership, the presentation for contrast in original of the documentation sent, or partially or totally. If this situation, of verifying original documents or even interviews, occurs, it will be understood that it is for the security of the “Representation”, of those who are administrators, and of “The Organization as an interested party”. Understanding that to suspect or doubt is not to blame any charge, it could simply be doubts, about inconsistencies, which could be detected erroneously, for which the comparison is requested. (It may be required, what corresponds to each particular case).


When we already have the Veracity of Existence of an Educational Entity, it is very likely that the contrast of originals will not be requested, unless they present: “variables that may denote falsification or fraud”

Any applicant or even member, and at any time before or after the affiliation process (whether it is a member or in the affiliation process), may be required to present any original document for verification of veracity.

If there is denial, excuses are avoided or made; The Organization or any of its Areas, in the exercise of its Regulatory Rights and Guidelines; will proceed in the first instance, to a temporary pause of the process, for 30 calendar days.

After 30 calendar days, you will be asked for the last time; in the event of not having submitted, the documentation required for collation and contrast. The Organization will proceed to the immediate cancellation of the Membership, (if any), the cancellation of individuals, it may be announced in any of the social media, including this website that the person no longer has a membership, or that he was canceled, without prejudice to the Organization or any of its areas, its directors, or any of its Members, in any country and in any of the Categories that the Organization has for International Identification of its Members.


Occasionally, and on rare occasions, but in particular: when any of the documents has some erasure, amendment, or is visibly adulterated.

When the institution that issued you certificates, certificates, diplomas, or any other document, does not exist, or is Not of Official Education (*Does not apply in Countries where the Exercise of TCM/OM is not Regulated yet).

For the categories of “Clinical Member” you could invite to carry out a knowledge check (Desirable), through the ICSAN® “Council for Safety in Acupuncture & Naturopathy”. Or through the AC1, AC2 and AC3 tests that FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® international has to verify Members. The latter will be optional, requiring a minimum of 5 years of permanence of the Member in the Organization and a demonstrable minimum of 6 years, in their professional practice. (It only applies to FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® and when a Member wants to “Be Federated”)

The “Invitation” could remain, for the consideration of the Unified Directors Board, or be derived, to whomever this Board decides and designates for that purpose, provided that it is one or more of the unified world areas in the UDB™-JDU®-CAU®, this is FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, ASFWHO®, ASFLAT®, or AWBIS®-ASFI®, which could include the Legal Department and the Member Verification Department. Departments of the Organization involved in Registrations and Renewals.

Spontaneous submission by Members is allowed, requesting the AC1, AC2 and AC3 Verification, on the FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® International website at: (https://fedasf.org).


Read, understand and comply with the Guidelines and Regulations. (shortened version)

Knowing them must be mandatory, in this way, you can know your Rights, Benefits and Obligations as part of social volunteering in “AWBIS® International, part of ASFI®”, Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales ASFI AC Nonprofit Organization.

The Guidelines and Regulations should be an essential guide, especially the one in force since 2019 (latest version). For Educational Entities, who wish to be Members, the Rules on Agreements are available. For members in general, the Standards of Conduct, and Resolutions that are attached, or could be attached to the International Regulations and Standards.

Training on Standards and Regulations may be requested on the training platform that “AWBIS® International, part of ASFI®” is implementing online by 2021.

On the other hand, it is expected: Collaboration in their areas, Respect in all its forms. Attention to the Regulation on discrimination, be proactive, contact the central regularly at the distribution email: udb[@]asfwho. org, (or your Confidence Assistant), to send and present any proposal or project, that they take initiatives by presenting “Projects of Attention in areas with Needs”, Responsibility in their functions. Caring for and Respecting your Organization.

If they have Leadership Characteristics, contact us, from 2021, we will gradually begin to Provide Training, online, on platform or in real time, on the Organization and its details, which, unfortunately, very few know. It should be a duty to have knowledge of the real situation in your country, to keep informed of the area, region or country and its needs, before entering the training sessions. These trainings will be available throughout 2021, and will be announced on this or any of the four websites that make up the UDB™-JDU®-CAU®.

Participants must be Active Members, who do not hold, or have held any position, in the Organization and who have Leadership Capacity.


The annulment of a Member can be done by: not renewing their Membership on the expiration date indicated in their documents that identify them in “The Organization”. Although it is the obligation of the Members to verify their expiration date and proceed in advance to the change of the New Credentials and Certificates (only for the countries that are issued).

Once the Membership Expired, from the same day of expiration, “AWBIS® International, part of ASFI®“, could send you a single notice valid for 30 days.

In the event that the notice is ignored, and the renewal is not received, after 31 days, it is considered “Annulled”. Without exception, the Records Department will file the corresponding file after 180 days.  Attention to the security of personal data.

In case the Member wishes to return to the Organization, he/she must affiliate again as a new applicant would do.


The former Member whose Membership expired and having not started the Renewal process, automatically loses the membership.

You may not, under any circumstances, continue to use any of our Names, Slogans, Logos, Acronyms, Nomenclatures (all registered with intellectual and industrial property rights) or use words, slogans or similar that could indicate, create confusion or imply that it still has “Membership to ASFLAT®, ASFI®, AWBIS®, FEDASF® and IFAWBAS®, as part of the Unification of Centrals” or any of its Areas. Including, but not limited to: all material in which any of our Names, Slogans, Logos, Acronyms, Nomenclatures in advertising material may appear including Letterheads, Personal Cards or the Logo (if authorized) from time to time, for your use. Including current, existing or future Social Networks, Websites or any means that could be used as a means of dissemination.

Failure to comply with these international Guidelines could (according to current laws), and cause legal actions, regarding the use of Names, Slogans, Logos, Acronyms, Nomenclatures Registered in the (Intellectual and industrial property registry). From the International Legal Department, they could contact you, they are the ones who verify all expired Members, which could still be “Promoted”, as “Belonging to any Area of the Organization.” The Legal Department could attend the case as: “Fraud” and “Illegal use of the Registered Trademark”, since the former Member, or “non-member person”, when promoting himself, and without having membership, could be deceiving and making personal usufruct, on behalf of the Organization, which constitutes a crime The case may be submitted to the external Law Firm, specialized in international law, who are the Legal Support of the Organization.

Also, from the first day of expiration, all benefits that may have been granted are cancelled, if the expired Membership is not Renewed, up to 30 calendar days from the expiration indicated on your credential.

If the volunteer Member had a position, and did not initiate the Renewal process, the Records Department, or whoever requests it, will make a single call (phone or email) to “Reminder Mode”, so that they can renew their Membership in the category it held, otherwise and 31 calendar days after its expiration, the same Policies apply as for any Member Category.


In case of cancellation of the Membershipdue to expiration – you will have to affiliate again. As if you were a New Member and send the Corresponding Documentation. (If more than 180 days have passed since said expiration). If the 180 calendar days have not elapsed, you should contact, and wait until, the International Records Department responds to you. If necessary, you must send the Requirements that this Department indicates, (if there is any data to be modified), since probably, your file is still safeguarded, with your records and data that are archived, for any act of claim, what the member could do in the future. (Your data will continue to be protected by the Personal Data Protection Policies).

The previous date will not be taken into account. The date that will be visible on your Member Credentials will be the date that appears on the Registration Form when it is received.



Apart from what is announced for the expiration of the Membership, it will be:

Due to inappropriate or improper use of our Names, Logos, Slogans, Acronyms and Symbols that identify us.

For any Illicit that is being committed, or has been committed under the name of the Organization. (as soon as it is discovered).

For serious offenses, contained in the Guidelines and Regulations.

Make personal usufruct, on behalf of the Organization. Sell products or services, on behalf of the Organization. Using Registered Logos, Acronyms, or with our Name or Logos on your products or services. (without permission or license to use the corresponding trademark).

By saying or implying that he has a different Category of Member from the Assigned, according to his Knowledge.

For disseminating by any means that The Organization, (or any of its Areas), “Supports you in your Profession, or Teaching.” (something that is only done in Agreements or written in Legal Acts, which authorizes an Endorsement, or Sponsorship), otherwise an illegal act will be committed that is legally attributable.

Advertising using the Name of the Organization, (without consent to use of trademarks) or that includes or may include, Names, Logos, Slogans, Acronyms and Symbols, among others.

Misleading Advertising, which leads to fraud towards People, Companies or Entities.

For having received complaints about their conduct. Complaints that reach our Abuse Department (a dependency of the International Legal Department). They will be verified and have support. For a sanction to be punitive, there must be several complaints for it to be a serious offense, which leads to the automatic cancellation, or to a Legal Instance and Veto of the Organization.

Adulteration of Documentation, of the Organization, and/or any other document, including but not limited to: Stamps, Certificates, Letters, Ratifications, Letters or Minutes of Appointments and any other Document that may be issued from the Central, with their Official Logos of Registered Trademark or corresponding governmental instances, in which they are issued.

Publish in any digital medium, such as social networks, the Credential, Stamps, Certificates or Any Official Document. (With the exception of the “Proud Member” graphic, created exclusively so that it can be placed on any social network).

Discriminate for any cause or motive, to any individual, violation of the equality of human rights, by age, color, height, weight, abilities, ethnicity, family, gender, genetic characteristics, marital status, nationality, race, work, religion, sex and sexual orientation.

Defame, insult, attack, disrespect the Members, the Guides in the Campaigns, Disrespect the Organization, for Discrimination of nationality (nationalisms) and/or for any cause or motive, not announced in this paragraph. Even you, who have the right not to agree with these Policies, must understand that the Guidelines and Regulations were Created to follow a Structure, which results in Order and Respect for People, their dignity, and in general any living beingDefame, Insult or Attack in any way, any Member of the Organization that belongs in any category, and in general, Any Person who Report this lack of Respect to our Abuse Department; in: abuse @ asfwho. org.

Make Personal Usufruct on behalf of the Organization, under any pretext; receive or request money without authorization from the Unified Directors Board, from Members, when under no circumstances is cash requested. (Donations are only accepted via PayPal). With the exception of some Campaigns, where a Member with position, with the authorization to Request “Voluntary Collaborations” that could be contributed. (All income, in money or supplies, must be reported to the Accounting Department). In cases of community care, or emergency, only, and having: “Legal Power, to request supplies, or money, which will be sent, from the Central”, (without which you will not be able to request financial support, or accept supplies).

Any other serious offense, such as those announced in the Guidelines and Regulations, of 2019 and its reforms before, or after this date, that could be incurred and that is considered illegal.

In their right to Defend the Organization, the Members with or without positions in any of the Representations that we have worldwide, from any part or area of a country, may notify the competent authorities so that, together with the Legal Department, (Internal or External Law Firm) of the North American Central, the corresponding legal actions are taken.

Minor actions: “Reprimand or Temporary Suspension”. Members who have had an impact on any of the faults set forth in these policies and those contained in the current Guidelines and Regulations. (* There are exceptions, such as minor offenses. Those mentioned in these policies only frame those that are considered “serious” and that can lead to legal actions). You can refer to the current Guidelines and Regulations. If you do not have them, you can request them at the Central Office in North America.

Members in any Category, including Board Members, of the UDB™, who commit “Serious” Misconduct, some of which are announced in these policies, Guidelines and Current Regulations; They may not belong to the Organization, or to any of the World Boards.

The Organization, in its Full Right, will inform its Legal Area of ASFWHO® International, the Federation FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® or ASFI®-AWBIS® and ASFLAT® so, that a permanent Veto of the Organization is issued.

The person who commits an offense will be considered “Expelled from the Organization” and will be terminated immediately (breaking any relationship that may have existed).

The Organization in its right, may announce: that person does not belong to, nor does he have any relationship with the Organization. The Organization being able to use any means, such as social networks, including each of the websites of the Official Central Offices. Or in which it considers, as the case may be, to inform the general public, and other people of the Organization, that it was “vetoed from the Organization.”

Without prejudice to any of the Areas that make up the Organization.

The Member who registers voluntarily accepts these transparency policies, during his stay as part of the volunteering of “ASFLAT® Latin America, part of AWBIS®-ASFI®”, or any of the areas that he owns Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales ASFI® A.C


Any of the Board Members, of the Unified Directors Board, UDB™ in the event of any irregularity, or at the consideration of any of its Areas may initiate a Verification or Audit.

It will be possible, (without being obligatory) to give notice of an upcoming Audit, in the existing Physical offices, or to exist, where the Organization is present, with no less than 7 days in advance.

These may be in presence, or virtual chat by the means that will be made available, every effort will be made so that those that are face-to-face Audit meetings, where there is a Member, who speaks the language in which an Audit is carried out.

You can also create a chat directly with the New Member of the Organization, or any of its Areas (prior notice) to meet the Person on the other side, so that they can ask questions, and at the same time the Organization, can check the veracity of writings, documents and in case of discrepancies, listen, reasons (and where appropriate) defense, to obtain a verdict, or to ask questions that could be presented.

To learn more about Audits, refer to the 2020 Guidelines and Regulations, shortened version, which you can request (if you do not have it) from this same website in the Contact area.


Policies of Acceptance or Rejection of Affiliations, Verified and Modified on 12-30-2019

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