Some Graphic History of the World Organization of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society ASFI®-AWBIS®


In this historical journey, the actions that were carried out in each conformation are not named, for this, an interactive map with the events and actions over time has been created (as reliable as possible). Likewise, we inform the reader that there are activities that, due to language issues, or various events of the previous century, that are lost, or that could not yet be translated, since many old documents are in “ink and paper” writing and are (for the same passage of years), unintelligible, so they are not included. In each change of conformation or in each Central Office, and its change of country, which occurred due to circumstances, throughout our history, that certain documents are not available, or were noted in notebooks of which, or not we are aware of them, or they were not protected at the time as they should have.

This is the first time, in which it was resolved by the 2019 Assembly, to rebuild and record our history as accurately as possible from 1952 to the present. We hope to be able to recover some handwritten logs, in the possession of former members and honorary members, who held positions, or some of their relatives, as well, of those who are no longer with us. If recovered, they will be incorporated into this historical record. We also want to inform the reader that, like any ancient Organization that has survived, (as we have done), up to this date and in these times, just like all of us, we must recognize that we have suffered ups and downs, changes from countries from east to west and from north to south, ups and downs, misunderstandings, isolation, years of inactivity, problems with members who deserted and wanted to start similar organizations like ours, for which unfortunately we have had to litigate against several, among hundreds of situations that we they happened throughout our long history.

We have had, Members, who were excellent people, (Members with Positions) and others, who were not so desirable in the Organization. As an Organization, we have also suffered great and profound disappointments – which left a mark -, especially in the last decade, with positions that were awarded in good faith, as with several Trusted Members, who tried to create discredit to this Organization or to one of its directors, not counting a few attempts to impersonate our Emblems, Symbols, Credentials and Membership Certificates, which we have had to change several times. We have been able to fight, against fraud and blatant illicit in more recent history. It is because of this and others that we have an International Legal Department and an external Law Firm, which advises us on international law, with powers to act on our behalf in many cases.

All these years, with stones in our walk, it was not useful to learn, each obstacle taught us today to be stronger, stricter in many aspects and we are legally better advised (Internally and Externally). With an excellent Department of Audits, on Managers, Members and Representatives and in general on all Members. A Personal Data Protection Committee was also created, and an Anti-Fraud Department.  All that we have learned, with successes and failures, made us understand that not all people have “Good Intentions”. And it is thanks to them that we understand that very few people are the ones who give selflessly; because we see that generally there is always “something in return”. These facts lead us to be a little more suspicious, before granting a position. In these times of change, we are more focused on what is truly important: The Organization and its correct path, and the people we can help. We are not here to confront the personal vanity and “belonging” of many, but like everyone else, and despite all these years… we still have a lot to learn.

Like any world Organization, we have not been exempt from changes in the policies of each country, despite the fact that AWBIS®-ASFI®, has no political partisanship, no religious or philosophical affinity, in any country, (over the years) we have advanced by giant steps and in others, we have regressed to the point of disappearance, (in that point of the globe), sometimes due to political situations, others due to the mismanagement of Directors, but with the constant intention that we will return, as we have always done, every time we’ve had to retreat.

The regular reader, who is not a Member of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society Non-Profit Organization, may find it difficult to understand the events of the years described here, which are not all. We are missing a part that is to determine, our divided origins, until our actual present time, in which we have reached a Unit and the Centralization of Offices today working in unison. Being faithful to our anti-sensational policies, in documenting events. We hope that this arduous abridged compilation of a large part of our history is to your complete satisfaction.
Unified Directors BoardUDB™

First stage - Pre-foundation of the Society

Dec 1951 Feb 1952
First attempt at Pre-foundation, of the ASF Medical Society - Austria
Pre-Foundation Meeting of ASF Medical Society

In 1951, four people congregate, in the city of Vienna, Austria. (occupied by Germany, as a federal parliamentary republic under military occupation) and even with the risks, it is in this city that a "sketch of the texts" begins, which later would become "The Society". It is not until 1953 that this happens.

Once the manuscript "draft" has been created, of the First Committee of the Medical Society of: Acupuncture Without Borders; After this first meeting, which was a serious assembly, made up of Austrian, Italian, Swiss, English and French Doctors, who despite their differences from the post-war era, put aside their differences and pushed in deliberation (Assembly), by the positions or to be filled. Positions that two of the four founding partners aspire to, and that bid for the position of president. Therefore, it was divided 50% -50%, and consensus is not reached to propitiate a start.

At the beginning of 1952, due to the situation in Austria, they decided to move the Pre-Society to Belgium, on the outskirts of Brussels, a country that recovered more quickly than others from both the German occupation and the Second World War.

It is here, in this country, in the commercial civil registry, where the first attempt to register a Professional Society was made (until now there were only worker societies that would later become "guilds").

The society was rejected. (Since labor forces were required).
When the "Professional" Society was rejected, and the founding partners and members did not reach the "Established Agreements", it was extended, leaving the first historical, pre-foundational entry with No. A-01 of the Members' Book; postponing the distribution of charges for almost a year.

It is agreed that the four founding partners remain as "Custodians", and they were: Dr. Lionel Groulx (FR) Dr. Frank Groosens (AT), Dr. James King (UK) Anglo-Australian, Dr. LI, Zhu-Cheng, (IT) Sino-Italian.

1953 Medical Committee and Society
Creation of a Committee with Charges and the Registry of the Medical Society of Acupuncture
The Society's Medical Committee is constituted and the first Positions are created

In 1953, knowing that a Professional Society would not be accepted, they opted for the Medical Society of Acupuncturists, before the presentation for the registry a meeting is held with all the members, both the partners and the new doctors who sign an agreement to: that Dr. Lionel Groulx, is the president of the Society, (first president of ASF), Dr. LI, Zhu-Cheng, Vice President, Dr. Frank Groosens, Secretary General and Dr. James King, Director of the Committee of the newly created Society, and substitute for any of the above in case of absence.

Historical note 1: By this time there were already about 90 to 100 members (of the Society not yet constituted), who make up an assembly, to create the "Regulations", by which they should be governed.

In the New Modified Act, ready to be presented for registration, all members sign a petition to the authorities to be registered as "A Medical Council", which, if it prospered, was established under that name: ASF Medical Council ( First, to be accepted, and then remove it, something that never happened). This issue, bone of contention in this and subsequent years, by the inclusion of an article (Article No. II), which indicated clearly that only Doctors could be members.

Also, in the Sixth Article it was indicated, not as mandatory, but “desirable”, that it should be a requirement and duty of every Member, to establish inter-institutional relations, to go to specializations in Mainland China, through and with the Medical Society. (Target that failed this year, for postwar geopolitical reasons.)

At the end of 1953, already constituted in Belgium, the Company, (which would be registered in Austria, its original place, in 1954). A route is traced to achieve the desired objectives, (which was never concluded) and followed as a draft, as there is no clear consensus so that "Practitioners" of Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture, with demonstrated experience and extremely trained, (but non-medical), had access to the Membership of the Society, and that they were 30% of the partners. Issue that remained to be debated in a Plenary Assembly.

Discussion for the Non-inclusion of Practitioners, Non-Doctors
Departure from the Society, by Members, who did not agree, with applied policies.
Meeting to vote for the inclusion, or not, of “Non-medical” Practitioners

At the beginning of 1954, during the Meeting-Assembly, "debates" began between Medical Members and Non-Medical Practitioners, with the consequent disagreements, of a large number of Members, for the inclusion or exclusion of Practitioners.

From the beginning, the famous Art. II, due to its non-inclusion, motivated many of the members of this first committee of the Society to disagree. As the possibility (by vote) of including non-medical practitioners was discredited, many simply resigned from the society, months after it was registered.

“At no time had Asian immigrant descendants or children of one of the members of European families” (who had much more knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine) been considered than the members, who promoted the Non-inclusion of Practitioners Non-Doctors, who “considered” (this Ancestral Traditional Chinese Medicine) and not Western, a solely medical act.

Historical Note 2: Coldly analyzing history, in which a Society of Acupuncturists was born, in a difficult time in history, we consider that antiquity was disregarded, knowing that this Ancestral Oriental Medicine is prior to Galen and Hippocrates. It highlights that the President Dr. Lionel Groulx, and Vice President Dr. LI, Zhu-Cheng were in absolute disagreement with the “Non-inclusion”, but, with the members, who had already resigned, before voting, they were surpassed in the Assembly, of Medical members who voted “for the Non-Inclusion of practitioners”.

In the books recovered in 2006, we saw names of Doctors and great Non-Medical Teachers, of Traditional Medicine, who, if they were considered Traditional Doctors in the Asian continent, but not recognized in Europe, although they voted against this exclusion , and by not being included, they renounce society, which we call the "first stage."

These Doctors, and Practitioners, then became much more involved, with the primary objectives of the Society, than, in the medical titles, as “equals”, to improve people's health and provide help. They were fully involved in the rights of experienced practitioners. Those with their wisdom would have (if given the opportunity) shared their knowledge.

These exceptional men and women are those who were, and still some of them are, part of the second conformation that would change the name, and the objectives, allowing the inclusion of practitioners, students and other variants of oriental medicine until that moment little known and jealously guarded by some, radically changing our history.

From August 1954 to January 1955
First Approach to China, (in Hong Kong) being British Colony
First Approach to China of the Medical Society of Acupuncturists

End of 1954, leaving only Doctors, and outside the practitioners (and Doctors who did not agree with the exclusion of Article II). At this time, the Society had a growing number of doctors who were mainly interested in acupuncture, so they initiate diplomatic protocols to establish trips to Hong Kong (even as a British Colony, where they could learn) and access the Ancestral knowledge, of the TCM. Given the circumstances of the colony from where they could access a closed country.

In mid-1954, after having changed countries, the Society returned to Austria after the great powers, in January 1954, decided to end the occupation.

In 1955, the learning trips to China were partially successful, since it is at this same time that mainland China had long since adopted Western medicine, and had cornered Traditional Chinese Medicine, in such a way that it subsisted practically in rural areas. It is until the 80's that both Western and Chinese Medicine made enormous advances, efforts have been directed to build and develop a system that combines TCM and Western medicine.

At the end of 1955, many Members, Western Doctors, could only access as observers, without the possibility of practicing TCM on land, China. Even so, there were those who were interested in learning the basics of communicating in Mandarin Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and some with great ambition, obtained permission to access the interior of China. They reached rural areas, where there were still traditional doctors, who taught, some of the traditional notions and practices, which were passed from mouth to mouth, and through some old books, to a handful of doctors, who later were the ones who imparted this knowledge. "Inherited" in the West.

1957 a 1965
From January 1957 to January 1965. Little Activity and “soft” years with Recruitment of New Members
The Foundation Act of FEDASF® and ASFWHO® begins to carry out Separate Actions
Considered: Mild years with minimal Humanitarian Activity, which was the foundation of the Society, with rising Recruitment, in postwar Europe.

1957 and 1958 trips are made (in total, 3 trips in 2 years) to Hong Kong, for which, from the first trip, the West had Members of the Society, who began to impart the teachings learned in the West, from the knowledge obtained in the first trips, which were not free of dangers.

From 1959 to 1961, the Society's Committee regrets that, with a trip, of a very short duration, they settled for a bit of theory and using (as explained by Dr. Groulx) in an almost Hippocratic way: "pain = puncture" , and slowly moving away from the primary objective, which had always been aid of all kinds, but mainly humanitarian, and medical care for the less favored with an ancestral and economic medicine.

From 1960 to early 1963, it was counterproductive to have taught the theory (basic and incomplete) of this complex, Ancestral and Traditional Medicine, in the West with distorted concepts and interpretations, due to the search at "any cost" of acceptance scientific, using only medical terms to teach.

Also, from 1960 onwards, it can be said with almost total certainty, that it was a decade of ambition, on the part of some Member Partners, since a great majority, began to profit in their own practices, offering Acupuncture for their benefit, creating a "Differentiation" over other colleagues who had no such knowledge. Apart from offering Acupuncture as: "An almost miraculous Medicine from the East." What caused, indignation within the Board of Directors, to those who expelled several Doctors from the Society.

From mid-1963 to 1964, the growth in private practice for a privileged class, who could pay for acupuncture services, was growing, and to the detriment of the "working class." Nothing prevented the Partners who had taken, not only the Hippocratic oath, but also the oath to help. Not just "exercising in your private practice for your benefit."

Historical Note 3: The fact is, it was never forbidden to apply TCM, in private practice. There was no government regulation, and the Regulatory Acts of this time did not indicate, absolutely nothing about the exercise in "private consultation", only all the member partners were asked to donate their time, one week every six months, to help the "lower class impoverished by different austerity policies", and not just the upper class. Or even the emerging middle class, which really was the workforce that sustained almost all of Europe at this time. History, in these times, shows us that Europe began to recover its infrastructure, and its economy, thanks to the help of the United States' Marshall Plan.

In 1965, there were frictions, within the Medical Society, that arose in the Society's Committee, which fought for a change to be made in Article II, as a fundamental principle, to remove the limitations of entry to Non-Medical Practitioners, with experience , which were really needed to help, in a Europe that was recovering rapidly from the Second World War, appearing many diseases related to hygiene and food.

This fact led to approximately 60% of the active members, of whom the Society supported itself, to oppose, to opt for a resistance, to generate complaints, and finally, to leave it, including the succession of their positions of many Members, and two of great importance: the succession of the position of two of the founders, Drs. Lionel Groulx, (President) and Dr. LI, Zhu-Cheng, (Vice President), and other Members who were dissenters and followed the “Lineage of Dr. Li, and Dr. Groulx.

1966 a 1967
Separation from the ASF Society
Debate on the Foundation of FEDASF® and ASFWHO®
Separation from the Society. Begins Conformation of New Society, as "Organization"

In 1966, it was the year of resignation, dissent and successions of positions in the old Society. The reasons were varied: because of their classism, when attending to people, because of the abuse of knowledge in the private practice, (the least). The union of many former members who resigned from the old Society, for not agreeing on its sectarian and closed policies.

It is when a change is seen, where old and new members felt that the right thing was not being done, nor following the regulations that many had helped to establish, nor in helping the community, nor in sharing knowledge, nor in the realization of campaigns. Another problem was that for a doctor to want to be trained, it was extremely expensive and it was also by selection who could be trained and who could not. In other words, it was selected "at the discretion". From whom or who? perhaps we will never know...

Mid-1966, initially in secret, then visibly, due to the disagreements, it was learned of an imminent separation, to start a renewed and new more equitable and inclusive Society. Various meetings and debates are held to initiate the protocols for a new conformation.

Historical Note 4: The majority dissident Members of the first Society, which today would be considered very little inclusive, but, perhaps if we place ourselves, historically, in that time and place in Europe, after the post-war period, it could be justified. (at least partially). Since the postwar nationalist arguments still persisted and friction between different doctors of different nationalities, those who were in the war, those who lost, and those who were more neutral was common.

By the end of 1966, what every dissident member believed was said and done. There was a great majority of dissidents who believed in a democracy, within a new, more inclusive Society, among them, members with positions, who had many disagreements, with the first Society, they decided that it was time; so, it was.

At the beginning of 1967, a preliminary handwritten sketch was made of what would be the formation of a new, more inclusive Organization-Society, which we call Second Stage, or Second Foundation.

By the middle to the end of 1967, in this sketch, two figures that would gain momentum in subsequent years had already been included, the first: an entity, part of the first and in adherence to the new conformation, called FEDASF® “International Federation of Acupuncturists Without Borders and Acupuncture Societies "and the second: with a declared humanitarian purpose called: ASFWHO®" Acupuncturists Without Borders - World Humanitarian Organization "(acronym and the first three of ASF-WHO, in: French-English, Portuguese-English , Italian-English, and Spanish-English,)

Separation. Starts stage of conformation of AWBIS®-ASFI®

Creation of Foundation Act of AWBIS® and ASFI®
FEDASF® and ASFWHO® are also Officially Constituted, by AWBIS®-ASFI®
Second Conformation, the Constitution of AWBIS® begins with New Guidelines

Beginning in 1967, the Protocols of the Second Conformation began, with a change of acronym and name: to AWBIS® "Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society" (En). ASFI® "Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales" (Es) ASFI® "Acupuncteurs Sans Frontières International" (Fr) ASFI® "Acupuncturists Sem Fronteiras International" (Pt-Br), ASFI® "Agopuntori Senza Frontiere Internazionali" (It) and Their names and acronyms are registered in the Industrial Property.

In mid-1967, the legal procedures were approved, to include in the new conformation of the Non-governmental Organization (NGO), the International Federation FEDASF® and ASFWHO® International, as part of AWBIS®-ASFI®.

The latter, ASFWHO® International, with the duality in the first three letters of the complete acronym: half French-English, Portuguese-English, Spanish-English and Italian-English.

Historical Note 5: The organization and its parts FEDASF® and ASFWHO® being constituted. There are four "Custodians" who took care of the Organization and its Members, until the positions were completed, these were: Dr. Dr. LI, Zhu-Cheng; Dr. Henry Füller. Dr. Kim, Tekuro, and Dr. Lionel Groulx, there was no opposition to the trustees of the new organization being former Members of the first Society. On the contrary, each one enjoyed great respect for everything done in their respective previous mandates, including: the oppositions, dissidents and discrepancies they had with the Medical Members

At the beginning of 1968, at the First Assembly, Dr. LI, Zhu-Cheng was unanimously granted the quality of President, as Vice President to Dr. Henry Füller, and a Director and Secretary General for FEDASF®, Dr. Stefano Araullo, the position of Secretary General for ASFWHO®, Dr. Kim, Tekuro, who had some independence from AWBIS®-ASFI® International, and the granting of: International General Director of the Committee, to Dr. Lionel Groulx. The votes were for dissident and new Members.

Historical Note 6: it was the only time in history - by necessity - that a president was voted for, since from the first Society it is established that the president is not a voteable position. It can only be through succession of his position, within the stipulated age, in the event of illness, or death (currently the year from which the president can begin the succession was stipulated).

1969 -1970
First Official Representation in America
The Constitution Act is Registered and Established in America
Two years of Extraordinary Assemblies. Migration to America. Representation and Office.

In 1969, an Assembly was held that convened the Presidency Committee. It is made known that Reforms in the Guidelines and Regulations will be initiated, and that there will also be Rights, Benefits and Obligations, for all categories of members until now. I also appoint the first "cartographic" committee, to delimit continents and large countries. Task that took just over 10 years to complete. Several campaigns were carried out this year, and more than 80 Members were trained in TCM.

In 1970, the important event of this year is a call for an Extraordinary Assembly by Dr. Li, to migrate to the Americas, to establish, at least, one Office that represents us in the Continent. He insisted a lot that the Americas not only needed Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, but that an area was needed to represent us.

The motion of Dr. Li, was in status "to verify", for future Assemblies with greater participation.

This year, several campaigns were carried out in the interior of some countries, to which we had not been able to access. In Bluefield’s, Nicaragua with the Somoza’s, in command. In Taiwan, where Chiang Ching-kuo ruled (de facto), entering a process of democratization this year, and the newly formed People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong.

Notarial Validation and Annex of FEDASF® and ASFWHO®
Both are Constituted as part of AWBIS®-ASFI®, being Registered in 1972
It is attached to FEDASF® and ASFWHO®, to the Original Notarial Act of AWBIS®-ASFI®

At the end of 1971, the Annex, which accompanies the Original Act of AWBIS®-ASFI® International, was legally formalized, FEDASF® and ASFWHO®, formed as part of the Organization.

Until this year, the protocolization was with "active transitory status", and included in the Acts (and in operation, with their corresponding General Secretaries since 1968).

Validation is carried out by notaries, and they are registered until 1972.

Legal Registration of, FEDASF® and ASFWHO® both parts of AWBIS®-ASFI®
Both with a certain Independence in decision making.
In this year, FEDASF® and ASFWHO® are Legally Registered, as part of the same Organization, but at the same time Independent in Many Tasks, and in Decision-Making.

1972, The Act of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFI®, and its parts, which make it up, were finally formalized and apostilled, annexed in the same Constitution Act.

It is in this year, with a Committee of the Presidency, of the Vice Presidency, and the Secretariats and Directorates, for the annexed parts, that the annual roadmap was drawn up. Due to geopolitical issues, the lack of communication between each headquarters, in each continent, each section or part of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, begins to function with “opinions and decisions” of the Members of each Committee, as if they were decentralized entities.

Many times, unable to follow a roadmap, due to the legal provisions of some countries, it was exercised and assisted with the help of AWBIS®-ASFI® international, in various post-disasters, where we were allowed. Basic trainings were given in communities. Decisions that each headquarters with its committee made at its discretion and particular circumstances.

This caused a certain chaos, but at the same time coherent, since postal communication was really slow and difficult, so each Committee in different Continents and Countries made the regulatory decisions, which would allow them to carry out assistance and campaigns, without a warning. previous. (or the notice came months after the event); which somehow damaged the new Guidelines and Regulations.

Each Committee was composed of a Director or General Secretary, for each one, plus a Deputy Director and a General Secretary of the area, for all global positions.

Historical Note 7: at this time intercontinental communications were by postal letters, which many times did not reach their destination. Also, by means of telegrams, these delays in sending and receiving information caused the loss of member documents, campaigns and activities that had been recorded in the books, and caused discrepancies in the times. Logically Involuntary, since there were no administration positions yet and everything depended on the collaborating members, who helped the managers. Despite having a Steering Committee with President, Vice President, Directors who were there to rule, guide or draw up the roadmap, there were no sanctions for those who made decisions without having informed them, because in some way the Guidelines and Regulations allowed it (de facto), given by the Geopolitical Circumstances of each Continent.

This historical problem in sending and receiving information, in these times, would be corrected in subsequent years.

Several Official Centrals in America
The Constitution Act is Signed
Official Offices are installed in the Americas.

The President, Dr. LI, was the visionary who, through an assembly, since 1970, insisted that part of the future of the Organization was in the Americas. Through Act-Book 1, Page 82/73, the vote is taken to send a Representation, achieving a 61% quorum.

In mid-1973, the first Representative Offices were installed in North America and in November of this year, the Act of Annexation of the Representation to AWBIS®-ASFI® International was signed. With other appropriate acronyms, as we will see later and in which a new stage in the Organization begins.

Stage of Consolidation of AWBIS®-ASFI® in the Americas, and Asia

Constitution of Acupuncturists Without Borders of Latin America
ASFLAT® is Established as a part of AWBIS®-ASFI®
Constitution of Acupuncturists Without Borders of Latin America and Caribbean ASFLAT®

In 1973, after having active Representations, the creation - which had been brewing, within AWBIS®-ASFI® - was carried out by vote and consensus, an area that would represent America and Latin America. Thus, was born ASFLAT® "Acupuncturists Without Borders of Latin America", which would cover part of the Caribbean.

In Mid-1973, some Articles of the Articles of Incorporation were modified, but in an Annex that would make reference to Article IV, of the original constitution of AWBIS®-ASFI® International, to contain the new entity for the Americas: ASFLAT®, incorporates the total opening for practitioners of Traditional Chinese and Oriental Medicine, in all its variants, including Non-Doctors. With a single requirement for admission, to take an exam of the Basic Traditional and Classical notions of Traditional Chinese or Oriental Medicine as the case may be, the New Member must demonstrate their skills. Volunteer Members appear as a new Category.

Due to the inclusion of ASFLAT®, the current Guidelines and Regulations are reformed, paragraphs are deleted and chapters are added adapting to the reality, of that moment in history, for the incorporation of non-medical Members, Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, including to all the Oriental variants not only Chinese.

At the end of 1973, the basic principles of Non-Discrimination, Human Rights, the Inclusion of Women, in all the Activities of the Organization, and an Article in which it is specified: that the Organization would not have, no political affinity, or religious ideology, or racial, sexual, disability, or gender, for which a precedent of non-discrimination was established in all areas.

Dr. Li, together with 60% of the Committee Members, makes a proposal for the inclusion of Auxiliary Members (with or without Profession), to obtain more help in the campaigns. Proposal that was not rejected, but postponed until the 80's, despite the fact that it was already counted (and allowed by invitation), many volunteers and "Helpers", who helped us in the campaigns, but they wanted to give them a status real in the organization, since as assistants they lacked position (also obligations and benefits).

The process of Unification of Europe had already been launched, therefore, there was a decrease in the Members registration, due to the uncertainties that were coming. It was another of the reasons for bringing a Central to the Americas.

The Federation in Asia and America becomes Official, as part of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFI®
Representation of FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® is installed and the "Federated Category" is Established
FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® International Federation of Acupuncturists Without Borders and Acupuncture Societies.

Beginning of 1974, despite the systematic militarization that still existed in the Americas, with the "militarization of governments," in many of the Spanish-speaking countries, the support, training, and growth of the Organization continued to be encouraged. Affiliations of Members of Countries in conflict, which are Registered under another flag and Country.

Motivated by being part of the dynamics of changes in all the countries of America, and with the FEDASF® IFAWBAS® that, with its Annex, to ASFI®-AWBIS®, had caused some disagreements by claiming that it could contain, not only acupuncturists, but also to all that society, school, institute, center that wanted to "federate" and be part of this project, which prospered.

Mid-1974, even so, with structural problems, it was in July of this significant year that the "Federated Category" appeared, a category that had to be polished, and was left with the status of "viable to be verified."

The President's Resolution was needed, but there was some suspicion, since it was not inclusive like the rest of the Organization. (It had a reason for being, and his arguments were valid).

Only Professionals who had more than 5 continuous years been allowed to federate in Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFI®. The reason for the discord was that it was a "Requirement". (see 1975)

Late 1974. The FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® committee challenges the International Steering Committee and the Presidency, and creates an “independent” flag with Chinese writing and symbols. (Being our origin, from its birth, western) which was used widely in the Middle East Asia and Oceania, but banned from the organization.

Years of events. FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® is approved as a Dependent Federation, but with its own Regulations.
Professional Verifications from 1975 to 1980 and the parameters of a "Federated Member" are Established
Consensus on the Federation establishment of verifications. Call to Unity.

In February 1975, Act No. B-504-US is held in the Assembly, where the arguments of the FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® are debated, and it is approved by a majority that the International Federation continue with its federalization program, (that both successful, but with its new Steering Committee), it was concluded that loyal Members, who had been in business for more than 5 years, would be excellent candidates to be part of the World Steering Committee of the Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS® -ASFI® International.

These Federated Members are the ones with the greatest chances of being voted into the structure of the “New Generations” of Directors of the Organization, which comprised the cycle from 1975 to 1980.

Between June-July 1975, the FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® was allowed to continue, with its own Statutes and Regulations. Different from those of its mother house ASFI®-AWBIS®. at this point, the Members who did not belong to it, (the federation), showed a little their discontent and disagreement. (Because there were still two Guidelines and two Official Regulations)

Historical Note 8: the one that existed, two Guidelines and two Regulations, in which in both there was no Article or Clause that indicates which area of ASFI®-AWBIS® it belonged to, left a gap, which was taken advantage of by Directors, who, depending on the case, they could use one or another Regulation.

FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® began to position itself worldwide, unintentionally as the Central Office of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, creating confusion and diverse interpretations.

If FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® is Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, and AWBIS®-ASFI® is part, or the other way around, that is correct. These questions were asked by many Members, and it was an issue that had to be resolved.

In mid-1975, while, in Latin America, still, several countries, were still battered by militarization, and coups, or some in democratic recovery, after the so-called “Military Civic Coups”. And as the AWBIS®-ASFI® Organization, since its formation, could not (and cannot), by the Guidelines, speak or express opinions, or get involved in political affairs, of any country. So, he stayed on the sidelines as an observer. But actively, since he Helped many People, who managed to leave those Countries.

At the end of 1975, a call was made for unity, so that this issue be included in the Assembly.

By Resolution in Assembly, of the Directors of all areas, and of the Presidency Committee, sanctions are used for the first time, and the positions of the former Director and Secretary General are dismissed. Dr. Stefano Araullo and his Assistants.

Changing the Committee from FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® completely. The five Members of the Federation Committee (not its Members), are given the option to change to another area, from AWBIS®-ASFI®, or their voluntary resignation in writing. Only one resigned.

The FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® returns to its original status, as part of AWBIS®-ASFI® international, the Committee that was replaced, appointed by Direct Voting and Appointment, without opposition, to Dr. Kim, Tekuro, assigning him another extra position. The International General Director, of ASFWHO®, where he appoints an excellent Management team.

By 1976, the Federation would enter a New and Renewed Stage.

Begins in AWBIS®-ASFI® the stage of splendor of FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®

Professional Verifications are Established.
The FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, is given the Power to Establish Professional Verifications

From 1975 to March 1976, the process to carry out verifications to obtain the category of "Federated" was not easy at all, there were multiple meetings to establish the figure of the "Federated Member", their obligations, and who could aspire to be.

The initial requirements are left: a minimum stay of 5 consecutive years in AWBIS®-ASFI®, or in its areas, present a research study with a scientific basis, in order to pass the Verification and later the “Certification of Federated”.

It was so complex, that debates and several Regulatory “Adjustments” were carried out, from the end of 1975 to the beginning of 1980, but it was in this year, in which the final parameters were established for a Member with seniority to be, a “Member Federated”.

An Annex is made in Act and Regulations. Without Modifying the Original text.

1977 a 1979
From 1977 to 1979 Changes are made to the Guidelines.
Succession of the World President of AWBIS®-ASFI®.
In these years: Very important Changes in Guidelines and Succession of Positions.

1977 to 1978. Changes are added in the guidelines, even more inclusive, regarding the types of medicines, and several new Articles are added, on: respect for the laws of each of the countries, in which we already had a presence , to the international law of persons, to free association, freedom of expression, respect for Members and the Organization, and Membership.

At the end of 1979, the most important event that shocked a large part of the organization was the succession of the position of President, until this date, of each and every one of the areas of AWBIS®-ASFI® Dr. LI , Zhu-Cheng, in his right, by Age to Succession, in December 1979 Granted in Succession by Voluntary Norm and legally, to Dr. Kim, Tekuro. Mandate cycle that began on January 1, 1980 (from the beginning of the constitution of the AWBIS®-ASFI® Act, the position of President of the Organization is not eligible for voting, it can only be, by succession of age, health or death, and that in the latter case (death), whoever, as Vice President, must take office).

Historical Note 9: Dr. Li, was not questioning (at 51 years), having happened the charge. But he could not be questioned, since, in the Regulations and Guidelines, there was no age limit for the succession of the Presidency of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFI® (something that was stipulated, years later). But it had always been public knowledge that he had a special penchant for the Americas, and that his desire was to live in America. Having traveled, in his years as Director then Vice President and President, from Patagonia to Canada and whenever he had been able, he participated in campaigns in the Americas. It is believed that the succession may have been to achieve the goal that he longed for.

The First Code of Ethics Takes Effect in this year
IBeginning of the Presidency of Dr. Kim
An important year in the Reconditioning of the Guidelines at the International Level.

1980, comes take Effect, the New Presidency of Dr. Kim, who, from his second day as president, begins with the proposal of substantial changes in the Guidelines and Regulations, together with the Steering Committee that he formed.

New paragraphs are added to the Regulations, to the Official Standard and a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is proposed, with a new Observer Committee. This Committee remains in the status of "Observation". And it was Ratified in 1982.

A new Resolution RES-448-KR, by President Kim, with the signature of four Directors from other Centrals, the proposal from previous years, by the Director General for the Americas and former President Dr. Li, is approved.

It is thanks to this resolution, that, for the first time, and unanimously by the 1980 Committee, that the Foundation Act was modified, for the inclusion of Auxiliary Members, (now Collaborating Members), with or without profession, as part of the Social Volunteering of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFI® (Which was considered a Great Achievement of the Project that former President Li, Zhu Cheng, had proposed).

The position of the FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® worldwide is debated and democratically objected and it is agreed that the Federation is what it is: “An important part of ASFI®-AWBIS®” and was accepted in Resolution, RES-1001-FR 1979 and Ratified this year.

1981 to 1986
Massive Member Affiliations, in Asia and Oceania.
He is being sought in the Unification Assembly of Regulations and Guidelines, although this year he was frustrated and was postponed for Later Assemblies.
Cycle of Modifications in Norms. Type of Members, and Unification of Normative criteria

From 1981 to 1985, they were years of “Add Members in Asia and Oceania”. But at the same time, there was slow growth in Europe, and little progress in the Americas.

In 1982, the proposed modifications to the Founding Act were Ratified by the Committee, together with the presidency. (see 1980).

In 1983, other related professions were included in the Founding Act in the form of an Annex, which demonstrated not only their affinity to the Organization's Objectives, but that they would be very useful for people in the future.

In the same year 1983, Annexes were also added to the Regulations, on vetoes, sanctions and undesirable behavior, in the newly created Code of Professional Ethics, which, over the years, would be updated.

In 1984, there is a strong echo, by the presidency of Dr. Kim, that all the Guidelines and Regulations apply equally to all Members and Centrals that already showed signs of Independence, in decision-making, to despite being all parts of the same Organization.

By 1984, there were three Guidelines and Regulations, with important differences and with “empty spaces”, which had to be flattened, to be equal.

At the end of 1984, the changes for a single Guidelines and Regulations were extended, due to distance, communication, and public policy issues in each country. The change to a single Guideline and Regulation was paralyzed, thus frustrating this first attempt.

In 1985 this year, AWBIS®-ASFI® participated in the Mexico City earthquake, with Representatives and Volunteers from various countries and continents.

In 1986, at the end of the cycle assembly, changes were made in various positions, motivated by the work in the 1985 campaign. that these people continue to this day.

For ASFLAT®, Dr. D' Fiuvella is appointed Director for the Americas, consecrated with the "First Medal of Valor", from AWBIS®-ASFI® to a woman.

Dr. Denisse Willis is appointed General Manager of, AWBIS®-ASFI®, for North America and English and Chinese-speaking Countries (First Strategic Management appointed a Clinical Member)

And General Director of ASFWHO® International, for America-Asia, still a Student of Medicine, Psychology and Acupuncturist, at Ac. Fernando Zanini (first position of International Director, awarded to a Hispanic, Acupuncturist), for his help and assistance.

1993 to 1994
Thanks to the recent access to the Internet AWBIS®-ASFI® embark on a New Stage.
Unite Standards Partially achieved, it was Considered an achievement, but it took a long time to happen.
Great Advances with Access to Communication Technologies

In 1993, an excellent year of advances in communication, thanks to the recent access to the Internet, AWBIS®-ASFI® began a stage of using e-mail, to maintain communication between sites to achieve better coordination. (Postal letters and telegrams are left, although in some countries it is still used).

In mid-1994, what had been extended in 1984 on a single Guideline and Regulation is resumed, an objective that is partially achieved, of the four, in circulation (including ASFLAT®), it is possible to unify, three of them, because, two Regulations and two substantially different Norms were still in circulation, one for the East and the other for the West.

Several important Campaigns take hold in the Americas.
The Central Office of the Presidency moved to Korea
Great Advances in the Americas, Asia and Oceania.

Beginning of 1995 Dr. LI, and established itself with several campaigns in the Americas.

At the beginning of 1995, Dr. Kim began the transfer of the Central Office of the President, from AWBIS®-ASFI® to South Korea, establishing his base of operations there. In this change of direction and direction towards the east, the increase in volunteers was overwhelming. (to the present).

Mid-1995, although President Kim, from Asia, managed the aid strategies thanks to new technologies. But a certain degree of "abandonment" began to be felt in the Americas in general, to the point that many Members made it known to the President.

Historical Note 10: It was not like that, AWBIS®-ASFI® and ASFLAT® were not abandoned, simply, thanks to the intercommunication between exchanges, it was seen in the East, which seems impossible to achieve in the Americas since the East accumulated many members and candidates for a very good Directorate, unlike in America, where the Members on many occasions did not commit themselves enough. It is understood that both cultures, regarding the responsibility given to them, are very different.

For Dr. Kim, it was the greatest challenge that he did not achieve in his mandate: “Unify Latin America”.

Dr. Kim always told Dr. Li, "I have never found such a division between human beings, as those I have seen and lived in the Americas" (...) referring to Hispanics Latinos, with their contradictions and disparities.

At the end of 1995, for AWBIS®-ASFI® with ASFLAT® by Dr. Li, it was a difficult time, to include Latino Members, without any conflict, from racial, nationalist, religious, political oppression in many countries.

Historical Note 11: What was always very strange for Dr. Li, and his Committee, is that in the United States of America, Canada and northern part of Mexico, all Hispanics "seemed" to be the same, without any discrepancy or difference. All resembling "brothers" from the same place, but in their own countries, they behaved differently, showing a more "rooted" personality and an inordinate nationalism.

1996 to 1998
Stabilization in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and part of Asia
ASFWHO® is installed with Offices in America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.
The Work is intensified, to obtain New Representations Worldwide.

At the beginning of 1996, in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and a large part of Asia, with partial stabilization, after the dissolution of the former Soviet Republics, a renewed and new stage of expansion of the Organization began, from Europe to Oceania. (That was not without its problems, the new countries in conflict often prevented us from entering, or registering the NGO, and the Rules of Non-intervention also prevented us from doing so. All that remained was to wait.

From Mid to Late 1996 (dates not recorded in books), Dr. LI, ASFLAT® International Director and an influential Director in the Organization (without registration), made great efforts so that Acupuncturists Without Borders of Latin America and Caribbean, ASFLAT ® follow a course, one of slow but gradual and sure expansion. It was with the support of ASFWHO® that it had already been installed in the Americas, Europe and Asia with the first Correspondents. AWBIS®-ASFI® Present in all changes, it is attached to these two Centrals to this day.

In 1998 Dr. LI Created a Protocol, together with a team made up of several Professionals from AWBIS®-ASFI®, ASFWHO® and ASFLAT®, with two Protocols for Emergencies when it was not possible to work on body or cranial points. The first as a basic protocol of 3 needles and a more complete one, with 5 needles, specifically, for emergency care and which he called (CETAA). Rapid Emergency Training with Auricular Acupuncture. This protocol was taught from 1999 to the present day, increased over the years by various protocols and variants: 1. Only Eastern, 2. Western, and 3. A combination of both.

The ICSA® Council of ASFI® and New Areas are born

1999 to 2001
The ICSA® Council, “International Council for Safe Acupuncture” is created
Belonging to AWBIS®-ASFI® who validate Members and issue the Acupuncture Safety Certificate.
The ICSA® Council for Safety in Acupuncture is Created

At the beginning of 1999, From ASFWHO®, and its Committee, proposed to start a “Project” of safety verification for Acupuncturists (in all categories), which was called ICSA® Council. The proposal was registered with N ° W-203-LA, and is pending approval at the next American General Assembly.

In March 2000, in the American Assembly, ASFLAT® and AWBIS®-ASFI® were promulgated in favor and founded, the International Council for Safe Acupuncture ICSA®, a project proposed and approved for each central Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS® -ASFI®. Which is extended to all international headquarters as a vital tool to ensure that a "Professional is a Safe Acupuncturist".

In early 2001, issues were discussed, with which there was no agreement on the Verifications.

Historical Note 12: In these Verifications, they were for experience, and Official Certifications on the application of Acupuncture Safety are issued to Members with more experience. The problem that arose was that this "Professional Validation" was left to the discretion of each world directorate and the presidency, with their secretaries. Almost 70% of the Members disagree (even those who already had their Certification). The disagreement was that they were granted, without even "Carrying out a Verification or Teaching, on Security" (which is what it was all about) and, on the other hand, that it was free of charge, with all the expense that it entailed for the Organization.

In mid-2001, the Federation disapproves of the methods of the ICSA® Council, due to the “discretion” of issuing a Certification (legal Document), which harmed us with each new Certification issued. It is of great value for Professionals, but without being really Verified, or without Teaching them the International Safety and Hygiene Regulatory Systems? Another issue was not only the discretion, with which they were issued, but also, they were granted almost massively, free of charge.

Automatically, FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® issued a Memorandum of formal Opposition. The methodology did not coincide, for the purpose, it had been conceived in the guideline book for obtaining the ICSA® Certification.

Historical Note 13: FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, in 1999, stipulated a different test for each of the three categories of Federated. From what he considered, that giving away a "Acupuncture Safety Validation", without a Verification (even if it is Basic and according to the Health Laws of Countries with Regulations), was not faithful to those described in the guidelines, on the ICSA® Council. And the gratuity subtracted the value that it really has: "Ensuring by real means that the Acupuncturist applies Safety in Acupuncture"

In 2001, in several stages of the same year, the guidelines of each Central were reviewed, which they proposed and approved the ICSA®, these are: ASFWHO®, ASFI®-AWBIS®, and ASFLAT®. When verifying that errors were being made, each central concluded that: indeed, this organizational damage had to be repaired, and what, at the discretion of each Executive, was being done wrong, and the methods and procedures should be changed, adapting them to the original and international terms.

In the Regulations and Guidelines on the ICSA® Council, one of its clauses was: to apply a Verification and Teaching on Safety in Acupuncture, Moxibustion and derivatives, in addition to doing it with a donation payment.

In this way it fulfilled a double function: to have Professionals duly informed and Updated on International and National Regulations on Acupuncture Safety. It is in Article 4 of the ICSA®, it clearly indicated the need or obligation of renewals and updates, every 1 to 3 years. (Of which a Consent was Required, by the Presidency), and the low-cost donation payment, which would inject funds into the Organization and would serve to: cover the Costs of Issuance of said Certificates, of the Personnel in charge and their time, of Holograms , from Impressions, to indicate that "Professional X was Safe."

Assurance that none of the Directors who issued said Validated Certificates had the certainty that every acupuncturist had that knowledge, and that each professional Understood the Concept of "Security". The last Central to Support and Approve the ICSA® project as a Council was FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® in 2014, demanding some Basic Requirements, which would be implemented in the Next Presidency.

2002 to 2007
5 Years of Multiple Tasks
Annexation of New Areas that had been delayed.
Three Areas are Annexed to AWBIS®-ASFI®, which had been postponed

In 2002, the protocol for the creation of an area, which will belong to AWBIS®-ASFI®, but which would be administered by ASFLAT®, is started in Assembly, being a new area to include, Massage Therapists, Massage Therapists, Physical Rehabilitators, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Vertebral Therapists, under the acronym and name of AMASFI® “Asociación de Masoterapeutas y Rehabilitadores Físicos de Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales”.

In 2003 AMASFI® remains in the status "Pending Verification and Validation" waiting to be completed, the guidelines under which they will be governed, duties, rights, obligations and benefits.

In 2004, AMASFI® was officially incorporated and included in the Guidelines and Regulations, with a section on the Manual, which were also approved.

In 2006, the Assembly proposed to create and include (as well as physical manipulations) and that were very useful in campaigns, this time, incorporating other types of complementary therapies, in which the assembly was governed by the WHO and international organizations to determine the concept of "Complementary" separating it from "Alternative". For this reason, it is proposed, on this occasion, the creation of the TCASF® "Complementary Acupuncturists Without Borders" (for its acronym in Spanish), which would also remain in the hands of ASFLAT®

At the beginning of 2007, the figure of TCASF® was officially incorporated into the Guidelines and Regulations, with its guidelines on which Complementary Therapies are Admitted and which are not. The term "Complementary" is established for therapies with proven efficacy, and the term "Alternative" is moved away, which could encompass certain techniques and others that, by their nature, are far from the basic principles of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society. It is also associated with a small excerpt, with its own guidelines, which were also approved.

Historical note 14: Even with the inclusion of people with great knowledge in Physical Manipulations, and the New Complementary Therapists, Naturopaths and Homeopaths that are private and university careers in many countries, who did not feel included as Complementary Therapists, were left out, neither with herbalism, nor with homeopathy. His argument was clear when saying that "It could be considered as Complementary to Floral Therapies" but in no way to herbal, with proven active principles, and that it is as old as Traditional Oriental Medicine, like Homeopathy, almost as Ancient as Hippocratic Medicine.

2007 to 2009
Naturopaths and Homeopaths are annexed in an Extraordinary Assembly
Born: NAHSFI® Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without Borders International
Birth of NAHSFI® Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without Borders International.

In March 2007, an Extraordinary Assembly was convened to include Naturopaths and Homeopaths within the Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society. But in a related area, with Guidelines and Regulations for those Professions, their Titles, Careers and Knowledge. (Without creating divisions, since they would be Members of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society). Many Schools that teach Naturopathy, from many countries, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are included. What was sought was simply a differentiation within the Organization like the two already existing. Argument that was accepted and an Extraordinary Assembly was called for the end of 2007.

In mid-2007, in an Extraordinary Assembly, it is proposed to create and include (like TCASF® and AMASFI®) Naturopaths and Homeopaths, who in the Campaigns were practically of vital importance, by complementing the work of TCM/OM- Acupuncture with herbal formulas, tinctures, and teaching how to prepare your own tinctures with local plants, or leaving homeopathy, so that it was dosed in the right way, so after intense debates on acronyms and names that could be registered, it was named NAHSFI® “Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without International Borders”.

For what is proposed, the immediate and expeditious creation of this area that since the 70's already participated actively and did not have a "Location" within the Organizational Structure. It is indicated that it will be an area that is managed by ASFWHO® International and AWBIS®-ASFI®. It only remained to formalize it in the Guidelines, Registries, Act and Regulations.

In 2008, it was ratified by the Committee, and included in the Norms and Annexes of the Constitutive Acts, (partially), and by range of Support in Campaigns, to NAHSFI® Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without Borders International, under the Administration of ASFWHO® International, AMASFI® “Association of Physical Manipulation of Acupuncturists Without Borders International, and TCASF®“ Complementary Therapists of Acupuncturists Without Borders ”both under the Administration of ASFLAT®. Although there are still some details to be "refined", it was agreed that they come into action, immediately, but always in union, and jurisprudence of their correspondence with Central Office of: ASFWHO® and ASFLAT® with their Committee, who would have the last word in case of disputes.

Beginning of 2009, some reforms to the guidelines were pending approval, on how it would be the inclusion of Members with Multiple Knowledge, the vote for formal appointments, who would be the Chief Managers of these new Departments or Areas.

These last items are postponed from the end of 2014 to the beginning of 2015. Without impeding the exercise of these areas with their corresponding temporary administration, during any campaign, in which ASFI®-AWBIS® will participate.

2010 to 2011
New and Improved Reforms to the Guidelines and Regulations
The creation of territorial divisions is proposed (or imposed), the creation of a website for each country and a central one for each continent. Many of the Centrals show their dissatisfaction with the expense of such a "Project".
Modification of Guidelines and Regulations - Divisions by Continents and Countries

In 2010, with humanitarian crises, in various parts of the world, it was established at the request of President Kim, together with former Directors of the Organization, Modifications in Global Guidelines and Regulations, carried out in Ireland with the participation of the Asian Directive, Oceania, and from North America. Within the Guidelines and Regulations, it is proposed to establish "Continental Divisions”, the creation of maps with natural and non-natural divisions in large countries, for better administration.

These topics were discussed in an assembly in previous years and had been forgotten. But it was not like that, the modification was not limited to continents and divisions within them, the divisions also had to be made countries, and by Resolution of the Committee it established that there should be a distinctive website for each continent, and a website for each country.

These issues were discussed in an  Something that many Directors did not agree with.

In that same year, late 2010, after two major emergencies, the Global Directions of ASFWHO® and ASFLAT® and their Directors, called an Extraordinary Assembly.

At the beginning of 2011, the Assembly was held, the issue of reforms was discussed, which were already underway, but a Memorandum was made with those present, who thought it was an unprecedented and inaccessible resolution, due to the size of the undertaking, especially coming from the World Presidency.

Historical note 15: 286 Members and Directors from various Continents and Countries vote to oppose, and send the memorandum of what was discussed in the Extraordinary Assembly to the Presidency in writing. (topics on: costs, investment in external personnel, catastrophic events, which were covered in 2010 and which left the Organization in the red, etc.)

In direct opposition of ASFWHO® and ASFLAT®, to the project, which was considered, that would bring unsustainable expenses in the Americas, that would limit for years the actions that had been projected and those that were being carried out, in addition that it would bring "divisions in the membership of AWBIS®-ASFI® ”. Unfortunately, being a Resolution issued by the President and his team, (and not to retract before the growing opposition to his administration policies), the changes were continued.

In mid-2011, the Presidential Resolution continued to be a controversial issue (which was urged to be kept private), which in these current times seems important to us, because it was part of our history. The necessary resources to carry out the Presidency Resolution became unable to continue; all economic and human resources had been exhausted.

The cost of the decision by resolution of the Presidency Committee was very high, it exceeded the entire proposal for 2011 and the next two, 2012 and 2013, there were no volunteer designers, so external designers were hired, who did their work for a cost, and not free or voluntarily.

The criticism was harsh, against President Kim, for believing, and supposing that such a great and expensive objective could be achieved.

It is at the end of 2011, that ASFWHO®, together with ASFI®-AWBIS® and ASFLAT® Centrals, including Members with positions, that issue, from several Central Offices, an alert that should have been worrying, since, if they continued with this methodology, there would be risks of not being able to attend any emergency.

For the expense of the creation and start-up, of the divisions and world “mapping”, the websites of Continents and the websites for each Country.

The opposition to this Resolution reached 87% disapproval, adding each area and part of AWBIS®-ASFI®.

Even so, from the Presidency Offices of Asia, funds are allocated to Buy and maintain its own and secure server, where to host all new digital documentation, and each website, in order to continue with the project, which had the support of the Steering Committee of the Presidency.

Each opposition from each Central Office was dismissed, with the argument of: “This project would be the one that would put Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society”, in view of the whole world.

Something that those who lived, this time of hundreds of webs, were lost, without knowing where they should contact for some procedure. So, it was warned of the consequences, and it was considered to know in advance, that this "Decentralized" form, we did not believe that it could be functional. And it wasn't...

It continues with the Creation of the Country Websites and Continental Centers.
Disagreements increase, and it is seen that the Project Consumes the Majority of Resources Destined to Aid Campaigns and Attention to the Population.
Activities from the previous cycle, Continue in the Creation of a Website per Country.

By the beginning of 2012, some countries already had their own website, because AWBIS®-ASFI®, at that moment in history, the Presidency and its committee bought their own NAS servers to host each website in each country. In order not to continue in opposition, the debate was left and the announced path was continued, together with a change in Minor Guidelines and Regulations.

At the end of 2012, it was already possible to observe that it will be impossible to fully comply with the Presidency's objectives, as it is not possible to cover, due to its high cost of creation, each and every one of the countries in which we have a presence.

The Donation Cost for Membership in ASFI®-AWBIS® is Established.
The Collected is for the Realization of Campaigns that had been postponed from previous years
Membership Donation Collection begins. To obtain funds for ASFLAT®-ASFWHO® Campaigns

In January 2013, an unsustainable point was reached, due to the campaigns that were carried out, and global spending exceeded the funds allocated, and if it continues, no campaign beyond the area of an ASFI®-AWBIS®, Office could not be carried out. At least for 3 to 5 years.

In March 2013, the collection of a donation for Membership to ASFI®-AWBIS® was Established in order to achieve a collection, with the Members of America, and with the help of the same Directors, Professionals, Clinics and Auxiliary Members, It is possible to gather a little budget, which was allocated, to carry out some of the projected campaigns that had great needs, which we could not cover completely, following the biannual roadmap outlined.

We were only able to help, partially, with few volunteers, who were able to move to various places due to the long distances and the costs that the transfers generate.

We don't advertise every campaign, in history. For this we have an interactive map where you can see at least 80% of the campaigns carried out, since the map needs some Campaigns carried out, which we are trying to locate in time and years especially, when the records were made, in books, manuscript and paper, which has made our task very difficult.

Even so, with a low budget and little volunteering, it is during the months of June to October 2013, AWBIS®-ASFI® Campaigns were carried out in various parts.

At the end of 2013, the Presidency Committee calls an international Assembly, to reformulate and refine the International Guidelines and Regulations, for the beginning of 2014.

Stage of Changes in ASFI®, Regulations, Act and Succession of Positions

Many changes and important Events in this year.
Meeting of Assembly and Succession of Positions, which would change the course of AWBIS®-ASFI® International.
mportant changes, in Guidelines, Regulations, Founding Document, Succession of President of AWBIS®-ASFI®

Beginning of 2014, the International Assembly is held in Ireland with the participation of the majority of the directors of the Organization, and important changes are promoted in the Guidelines and Regulations, which completely Replaces the Previous Regulation No. 1255/12 Vol 198-HN of 2012, held in San Pedro Sula, and Roatán Islas de la Bahía, in the Republic of Honduras.
Note: Issues that remained unresolved were: Economic Expenditure and Human Resources, for the realization of each website, for each Continent and each Country.

Historical Note 16: Within the modifications made in the Guidelines and Regulations, they were useful and necessary, the only opposition that the majority expressed was the untouched issue (of the AWBIS®-ASFI® of Country and Continent).

But the rest of the reform package promoted, including the donation quota from Members for Latin America, fell to a cost that could be accessible to all Members, there was a majority in favor.

The territorial limits, and the positions of Annex 121 of the International Guidelines, for the Correct Distribution of Positions in the Countries, Regions and Continents were re-verified. (They enter Verification Status) until 2018-2019.

At the same time, a Resolution from the Presidency Committee reaches all Central Offices, indicating that a new figure of Member had been created.

This is how the "Positions of Trust" are born, which, in theory of the International Guidelines and Regulations, were reserved only for the Presidency Committee, since these would represent the voice, eyes and ears of the Presidency, and which would have special powers to appoint, change, veto, and dismiss; at the same time, they would be "direct" positions of the President, or whoever he designates as "Spokesperson"

These positions were the subject of the discretion of each Member of the Committee, with powers to grant them to those they wish, especially close people as support, their eyes and ears being in the areas of interference of each one.

At this moment in history (beginning of 2014) these new charges were looked upon favorably, but in later years, as the reader will see, they had to be abolished and ceased to exist, between 2018-2019, due to internal issues of the Organization.

In their replacement, other charges appear later.

FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® -IFAWBAS®, ASFWHO, AWBIS®-ASFI® and ASFLAT, call an International meeting to stop the expense of continuing with the creation of a website for Each Country by the International Director of ASFWHO®. A Memorandum is made for review.

In July 2014, the current President, until that moment, Dr. Kim, announces that the Protocols of Succession of his mandate are being carried out. He Appoints and carries out the Succession of World President, Dr. Zanini, (until that date ASFWHO® International Director General). The first Hispanic, since the founding of AWBIS®-ASFI® International.

Dr. Kim travels from Central Korea to make the Succession in Person in August 2014. It will be the first time that a President succeeds another in Person. Until this moment it had been by Letter of Succession delivered by the Vice President or the General Director of the Presidency.

Historical Note 17: This is a very curious fact, since the Director of ASFWHO®, today President, was total and absolute opposition to the policies of Dr. Kim. In fact, Dr. Zanini was always a supporter of Dr. Li, who was his teacher in his lifetime until his last breath. On very rare occasions the Central, which he led for many years, supported Dr. Kim. The former president was always reproached for his leaning much more towards Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa, North America (United States and Canada), than for Latin America. Perhaps Dr. Kim supposed that the great "Opposition of him" of him as they called him, was the person that perhaps, could get to unite the Americas. But unfortunately, we will not be able to ask Dr. Kim why he chose him and the position happened.

October, November 2014, one of the first changes made by the new President, is on all the existing Foundational Acts, merging all of them into a single act, the last one being transliterated from English to Spanish.

The change was made through Notaries and Consulates of the different countries in which the Original Foundation Acts had been Apostilled. Then, the previous ones were canceled.

The change, modification and adjustments were made, adapted to the present, that the previous Presidency had not contemplated, and in it the powers to North America are changed, moved and established, such as the Central of the World Presidency, with a view to the Americas.

In December 2014 the former President died, Dr. Kim at the office, Melbourne, Australia, of cardiac arrest. His body was taken to Korea for its Corresponding Rite of Passage.

His wife moved to Japan, and many Documents from his Office were not located, or are lost or in the hands of one of his two daughters, but we do not know for sure. (yet)

Mrs. Tekuro, Kim's wife, passed away almost a year later, in Osaka. Japan.

Verification Protocol Trips. Creation of New Committees.
Appointments in Meeting in Chile, to grant “Positions of Trusted Managers." Appointments: New Committees in New Zealand and Australia.
Protocol Verification Trips, New Central Committee. Meeting in Santiago de Chile. Office in Oceania

From the beginning to the middle of 2015, protocol trips began to search for old “Rearranging”, and New Offices in: Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Central and North of Mexico, New Zealand, Shanghai and Hong Kong, China, Australia, Georgia, Northern Italy, Portugal and finally Chile, as part of the intervention trips, and verifications carried out by the new President.

After the middle of 2015, after the most important trips, the Central Office of the Presidency, is changed for a few years, to the State of Jalisco, Mexico, where Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, with the majority of Members from Argentina and Mexico, carry out Campaigns in the Municipal DIF of Puerto Vallarta something that is repeated in 2016-2017.

At the same time, several Campaigns were carried out in indigenous Areas of the "Altos de Chiapas and in Oaxaca."

About the end of 2015, it was established in Book 8 Act No. 7247-CL. In Santiago de Chile, in a small, Exclusive and Selective Meeting, Promoted by the President, where among several issues, in the future, which did not come to fruition, Trust Management Positions were awarded. After this meeting in Chile, different Independent Committees were appointed, in New Zealand, and Australia. (This within the framework of reforms that were necessary, from the former presidency to the current one)

As a Project, the Meeting and Appointments in Chile, we cannot say that it was a long-term success. Its "Relative Success" was partial, since, of the Members who were granted positions as Trusted Managers, for 5 Countries, Central American, South American, and in the Iberian Peninsula, in Europe. Within the Nominated Nountries. Only three of the five countries prospered, or remain in force. An Appointed Manager for the Iberian Peninsula, with interference in the European Union, resigned by means of a letter sent, in charge of her, which was accepted. In Central America it was vetoed, and the Trust Manager and the National Representative were removed.

Only the Managers from Argentina, Chile and Venezuela Remained in "Active" status.

In 2017, it is Requested by the Committees and Directors of Asia and Oceania the review of Charges and an Assembly, with a date to be stipulated.

Repeal and Dismantlement of the Continent websites and those of each Country, reforming only the Centralized websites indicative of AWBIS®-ASFI®.
Growth in Asia, Oceania, Eastern Europe, and Africa with Named Correspondents in Campaigns.
Trips, Campaigns, Proposals of all the Committees of Directors, to a Unification.

This year, it was about campaigns, trips, meetings with the Directors' Committees, in different countries, including various activities in Mexico.

It is proposed: by RES-22342-NZ, from New Zealand, the Definitive Unification of all the Centrals in a Single Committee or Board.

The ASFWHO® Directors and the ASFI®-AWBIS® Management Sector, supported by the Presidency Committee, promote the definitive dissolution of Dr. Kim's idea that each Country has its website, and that each Continent be converted into a Centralized and Unified Central. Since Resources for Rampaigns are Consumed, instead it is Requested to have the most important websites Centralized in Several Languages.

It remains for discussion, while the viability is verified, of the requests made in the resolution, for subsequent years.

In this year, a General Manager for Central America was appointed (derived from the Meeting in Santiago de Chile). He based in Nicaragua, and a National Representative, who served in their positions until 2017, having already had 7 Representations in the country, in different cities.

The Committee and Director of America, with the visit on two occasions of Dr. D’ Fiuvella, had warned about some undesirable actions.

These were Detected and Verified, causing the dismissal and veto of the Position of the General Manager for Central America, and the National Representation, in Nicaragua. (It is worth mentioning that it was the first time that a veto to a Member was promoted in this decade in Latin America).

The Country was not vetoed (As Requested by the Directors' Committee of: FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, ASFWHO® and ASFLAT® that raised their veto claims). It did not proceed, there are two Correspondents in that country, and a Representative, who keep us informed of the events that are occurring in the country. In contrast to the Veto that had been Requested for the entire Country. It did not proceed, and the provisions were followed, in the Regulations Guidelines, which prevent Members in any of the AWBIS®-ASFI® Categories, or their areas, from any Country, from taking any action on our behalf, without the express permission of the Unified Directors Board. (figure below).

In our International Legal Department, the evidence, acknowledgment of receipts, and cause remain, together with the external legal firm, on international laws, if necessary, as a defense of the Organization, or in case of suffering defamatory or discriminatory acts or threats, in any of our Members or Correspondents in that country, we will proceed in accordance with current laws.

Despite the inactivity, in recent times, campaigns are carried out in different countries, in small communities. Without being exempt from stones on the road, due to lack of communication, resources, among other changes to come. AWBIS®-ASFI®, continues to grow, and carry out actions, without any inconvenience, in all the Countries of North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa (continent where the number of Members and Correspondents increased considerably), Asia and Oceania , achieving more presence with, Offices of: ASFWHO®, FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® -IFAWBAS®, today in more countries and new cities, where these Centrals that make up a part of ASFI®-AWBIS®, did not have an official presence, there were only Delegates , Ambassadors, and Correspondents.

"Like everything in life, there were obstacles along the way, and like All Democratic Organizations, made up of individuals who have the right to agree or disagree," we have learned to break through. Despite adversity. Today, we are stronger, and more selective, with the Positions that are granted.

The task of Assignment, Verification of New Positions, today is Delegated by the Presidency to ASFWHO® in charge of Dr. Muñoz, of ASFLAT® in charge of Dr. D' Fiuvella and of FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® , in charge of Dr. Ted Defelssen, for Verification, Decisions that each Director, Delegates and Assistants of the Unified Directors Board or UDB™ will make (figure that appears below).

All the Directors of the International Centrals propose a single International Board of Government.
New Charges, Credential Changes. Data Protection, Appointments in Africa, Indonesia, Asia and Oceania.
A Unification is Proposed to the Different Committees of Central Directors.

Beginning of 2017, an Assembly that is based on Book 8 Act 7247-NZ-MX begins, as the first Board of Directors of each of the Centrals.

And that they propose: The Unique and Definitive Unification of all the Centrals, under a single Board of Directors of government. The same that had already been proposed as a pilot test in 2016 unifying FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® and ASFWHO®, their unified operation being exceptional, achieving offices of these two, International Centrals, in parts of the globe where they had never had a firm presence, opening the doors to that other Centrals can enter. (It remains in Verification for the next World Assembly). But they continue to function together.

The protocols, debates and incompatibilities that must be corrected begin to achieve the expected Unification under a single Governing Board. The terms for the creation of Guidelines and a Single Regulation are discussed, (with a shortened version, for the Members) and the original, complete one for the Board.

March 2017, a “Transition Committee” is appointed for the verification, study and modification of the extensive Guidelines and Regulations that, with their modifications, have become difficult to interpret.

The Committee must make comparisons of each and every one of the modifications, revisions and each of the Annexes, which were added in subsequent years, to the Guidelines and Regulations, from the Second Stage, to the Present Day. Thus, achieving a Synthesis, easy to Understand. They must Remove any Invalid Article, or that is no longer Appropriate to these Times, everything that is not vital, that a Member must know, will be removed (to achieve a Guidelines and Regulation, shortened) and add the new terms in the Normative Articles , with a brief explanation so that it is Easy to Understand.

The Unification of all the Centrals would be of vital importance, in this new proposed stage, for the "Centralization of Powers", the visibility and better communication with the Members.

April 2017, New Positions are created that are necessary and that: both New Members, or Members who will renew their Memberships, can select, Different areas or Positions. They will go to a state of prior verification, and viability, before being approved.

May 2017, it is Requested to Verify all the Documentation of a Member, who Requests a Position, before granting it through face-to-face or Virtual Audits, Verifying their true intention of belonging, the benefits, but also asking and investigating, if they can or not, fulfill the obligations that a position may entail.

Also, at the Express Request of the International Legal Department, which, within the Verification for the Awarding of Positions, a Commitment Letter is Requested, which can be annual or biannual (to be determined).

They are also Requested by the New International Personal Data Protection Policies, which are required by most countries. And an Annex to request, both in New Affiliations, as in Renewals, an "Explicit Consent", of Rights and Obligations, Use and Protection of your Personal Data, either, by electronic means by checking boxes, indicating that "They consent, ”Or by means of the downloadable format, line to fill in, insert full name, (with autograph signature), and ready to be sent, without which no application can be processed.

The Legal Department itself, orders the inclusion of Consents, which can be Checked, in all the Forms that exist, from today, and in the future, Adapting to International Laws on the Consent of the Use of Personal Data, which are found written on each of the websites.

June 2017, it is Requested through AWBIS®-ASFI®, to be included in the New Guidelines, that a Member, with the ability to do so, can hold up to three Characteristics or Positions, with their Membership Credentials, and may be only Member of one or more areas, Member with one or more positions, or Member of different areas of ASFI®-AWBIS®. (Pending Approval).

July 2017, it is Requested to include in the sheet of topics to be discussed, in the next Meeting, the format in Credentials and Certificates, which according to investigations may have been Plagiarized, with the exception of the Federated Members, who keep the corresponding model. The change will be proposed in the General Board of Directors, for it to be considered, starting in 2020, the year in which the New Guidelines and Regulations come into effect, at which time all Members, with the Old Identification Credentials, would be asked to change them by Renewal staggered.

September 2017, FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® and ASFWHO®, Request through Act FED-356/MX-WS, the Cancellation and Disappearance of the so-called “Trust Charges”, together with the Urgent Cancellation, of the old Security Verification Certificates ICSA® to be Renewed, under the New Proposed scheme and the New format, which would include other related Professions.

September 2017, Naturopaths and Homeopaths, Request to be included in their area, Adhering to a Single and Universal Administration, and not independent as before.

October 2017, Eight Appointments of Positions are Approved, for Countries in Africa and Eleven, for Indonesia, Asia and Oceania. At the same time, in a Sealed Letter, the Attendance of the New World Coordinators and Administrators was formalized, and their attendance at the Assembly Called, to be held in Montreal, Canada at the end of 2019.

November 2017, FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® and AWBIS®-ASFI® propose: to start with a newsletter for Asia and Oceania and later to Transfer the same Newsletter, with the same information, but in Spanish and Portuguese. (Viability is Verified and Approved when the motion was Presented). To be applicable (with the right people) between 2020 and early 2022, as the deadline. Since the newsletter sent by FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® in different Asian languages has been in operation since 2014 and moving the Platform with two more Languages is an Expense, which is Not Possible at this Time.

December 2017, ASFWHO®, formally requests that, in the Change of International Credentials, the key be embedded, to know if a Member was Verified and Certified by the ICSA® Council, or not. The argument that validates this new data in the Credentials, was: “That it would be an important Security information in the participation of both Campaigns and Community Attentions, because at first glance of the Credential, a Guide, Manager or whoever promotes the Campaign or Attention, you will know that this Member has the Knowledge on Security ”, and to which a group of up to 4 or 5 people may be assigned. (To be determined) and is Approved to be Included in the New Credentials and Certificate.

December 2017, AWBIS®-ASFI® Register with the Secretary of Education, their Titles and Valid Certificates for Educational Programs. At the same time AIschool™. (Acupuncture International School) is Added as a Center for Validation Studies of the International Academic Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, forming part of the New Educational Programs in Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine and Official validation in North America.

Full Inclusion of NAHSFI® in AWBIS®-ASFI® Regulations and Guidelines Announced.
The Change from ICSA® that only Covered Safety in Acupuncture is proposed to ICSAN® Council that will Include Acupuncturists and Naturopaths. Also, Homeopaths who do not have an Official School or University Degree, but Demonstrating their Studies.
Naturopaths and Homeopaths Request, formality and inclusion in AWBIS®-ASFI® in their Guidelines and Regulations.

March 2018, by Resolution of ASFWHO® N°: F-3008-WS, the incorporation in the Acts, Regulations and Norms is produced, so that Naturopaths and Homeopaths are now part, and are identified, as part of AWBIS®-ASFI®.

In the same Resolution of March 2018, it is indicated that Naturopathy will be included in the Verifications, but Homeopathy will be seen.

This does not indicate, in anyway, that they cannot Be Part of the ASFWHO® Administrator of NAHSFI®, on the contrary, but the Homeopaths of Schools or Universities, with Official titles, will be exempted from the Security Verification.

Homeopaths who were not received in a School or University with an Official Title, if they must pass a Verification of knowledge in their field. But in Hygienic and Safety terms, Homeopathy has practically no contraindications, since the dilutions are decimals, centesimals or thousandsimals, and the Alcoholic Tinctures, for the Preparations, would be the only Component, Possible of Contamination. Therefore, the Verification will be on the knowledge about the types of Homeopathy, Polycrest, Semi-Polycrest, Pluralistic Systems, Unicists and others.

As for Homeopaths who Administer Products made by Homeopathic Laboratories, they have no risk of Contamination. Therefore, Homeopaths with Official Title, (demonstrable) can access the Verification Certificate by Presenting a Study of Medicines, uses and effects that a tutor will indicate.

Those who do not have an Official Title, must pass a test of Different Medications, Uses, Administration and probable Risks, that a tutor indicates, only.

April 2018, International Area, NAHSFI® "Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without Borders International", Promotes and Proposes a Project of inclusion and Change of Name from ICSA® to ICSAN® Council (adding a letter) that Naturopaths are included in Safety Verifications, at the end of 2018, which is Established in Resolution NA-2357-GE, to be Approved at the Next Meeting of the World Board of Directors to Conform to: ICSAN® “International Council for Safety in Acupuncture and NaturopathyIt is pending review.

At the end of 2018, it is Resolved that, although NAHSFI® has been pending review, it has been with us in each Campaign for more than a decade, therefore, the "Pending Review" is a formality, so that They are included in the Assembly Act, since they have been Listed in the Organization's Rules for years, Independently of AWBIS®-ASFI® and under the Administration of ASFWHO®. What was Requested in April 2018, is its Inclusion as Part of Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFI®, its Guidelines and Regulations, ceasing to be independent, to be an integral part of the Organization.

After the Assembly, they are expected to be a vital part, within the Organizational Structure, just like ASFLAT®, or ASFWHO® International.

Year in which the First Plenary Assembly of Directors of the International Centrals is held in Montreal, Canada. The Websites of Continents and Countries are Repealed and Dismantled, focusing on the central ones in the ASFI®-AWBIS® Languages
The Unified Board of Directors is Approved. A Single Board of Directors for Four World Centrals. The same Regulation and the Same Standard. The Donation Payment for Membership was Abolished
Year of Events and Major Changes in the Guidelines and Structural in the Organizational, and Projection 2021-2025 of the Unified Directors Board.

January 2019, the AWBIS®-ASFI® Medal, Silver Symbol, Award is Presented to Dr. Abdul Khalif, for his Unconditional Support to the Central Presidency, and for each Campaign in which he participated together with the Committee, from the Middle East.

He is Appointed World Director for the Middle East, by the Committee, of Directors Present, with 87% of the votes in favor of him.

The Committee, of World Directors, also Extends its Gratitude, Awarding a Plaque with an Honorable Mention to the following, Exceptional and Unconditional People, who Accompanied us in each Project and Campaign, for their Simplicity, Honesty and True Love, to those in Need, and They are: the World Director Dr. Eric Sanders, Nominated by Africa, and the World Deputy Director Dr. Enrico Garland, Nominated by East Europe, Dr. Yevgeni Lukirnko, Nominated by Central Asia, Dr. Cristian Fénici, nominated by North America, and to Dr. PhD. Jianji ho, Nominated by Indonesia, whom We Congratulate and will always be Grateful for being part of the International Unified Committee since 2011.

In May 2019, the Unification of the Centrals with one and only one, “Unified Directors Board” (UDB™) in English, “Junta Directiva Unificada” (JDU®) for Spanish, and (CAU®) “Conselho de Administração Unificado” for Portuguese, “Conseil d’Administration Unifié”, for French, and "Consiglio di Amministrazione Unificato" for Italian, to be Ratified at the Plenary Assembly in Montreal, Canada. From December 2, 2019 to January 9 and 10 to 13, 2020, which will be divided into four meetings, with all the World Directors of the four Centrals.

In July 2019, a Resolution was issued for the Exclusion and Closure of Any Website that is not a central Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, in any of the Official Languages of the Organization. On each Website of each Central, the Members will be able to: make inquiries, as if it were that of their Country or Continent, Affiliation and Registration of New Memberships, Membership Renewal, Access to Verification of the ICSAN® Council, among others.

September 2019, all Donation Payments, by Affiliation and Registration or by Renewal are Repealed by RES-11483-MX, leaving only the Voluntary Donation. Item to be Ratified and Approved, at the Plenary Assembly to be held in Montreal, Canada from December 2, 2019 to January 23, 2020.


December 2-8, 2019, First Meeting of the Montreal Plenary Assembly. The Changes to the Guidelines and Regulations, agreed upon in a Single Guideline and Regulations, are Approved for all areas that make up AWBIS®-ASFI®. The Agreement is Signed for a Shortened Version, Updated for Members and another (the same), without Shortened for the International Committee.

December 17 to 22, 2019, Second Meeting of the Montreal Plenary Assembly. By General Resolution of the Committee, all “Continental” and “Trust Charges” positions are Repealed. The Continental Sub Dependencies Disappear, leaving Only the four Main Centrals. To Return to Unity. Each Continental area was scattered, and Generated Unnecessary Expenses, and as for the result, it was not Satisfactory or Expected. For the Reasons Mentioned, the General Committee of World Directors, unanimously decides the closure of each one of them.

RES-11483-CA is Approved on the Donation Payment to Register as a New Member, or for Renewal, being Free, only a voluntary, Non-Mandatory Donation will be Requested. It is Established that: All New Members must be Verified before Approving a Position.

Said Verifications will be carried out by a “Member Verification Committeethat will come into effect in the month of May 2020.

Likewise, each International Central will form its own "Verification Committee", which will be made up of three, Members of the World Directorates, for their region or zone of interference.

The Committee also Specifies that the "Policies for Acceptance or Rejection of a Registration, Affiliation or Renewal" must be visible on each website of each Central, as well as the Requirements that Member must Send, to Process your Affiliation, and your Consent, for the Management and Protection of your Personal Data. According to International Guidelines that must also be visible.

December 26 to 30, 2019, Third Meeting of the Montreal Plenary Assembly. The “Unified Directors Board” (UDB™) in English, “Unified Board of Directors” (JDU®) for Spanish, and (CAU®) “Conselho de Administração Unificado” for Portuguese, “Conseil d’Administration Unifié”, for French, and "Consiglio di Amministrazione Unificato" for Italian, is finally formed. made up of FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, ASFI®-AWBIS®, ASFWHO® and ASFLAT®.

The Members of the four Centrals, with the Abstention of the President, Proceed to Vote for the Appointment of Positions for the Conformation of the Unified Directors Board, which will actively collaborate with the Presidency Committee. All Members Who Can Vote, have more than 10 years in the Organization, in positions of Responsibility, and are part of any of the four Centrals. (Charges for the UDB™ -JDU®-CAU®, do not exempt the voters who accepted the charges, from their obligations in any of the four centrals to which they belong and which remain in force due to seniority).

From January 3 to 12, 2020, Fourth and Last Meeting of the Montreal Plenary Assembly. The Unified Director Board, which will be Recognized Internationally as UDB™, was Permanently Ratified, with only 4 Vacancies to be Voted or Nominated in 2020 to 2021.

By Resolution No. UDB-32-CA, of the Unified Directors Board, together with NAHSFI® "Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without International Borders", as Promoters of the Project, a Letter is Added to the acronym of the ICSA® Council, to include the Naturopathy, in this vote, was conformed as: ICSAN® Council "International Council for Safety in Acupuncture and Naturopathy". Currently in force with International Binding.

On January 13, 2020, before the Closing of the Plenary Assembly, a Final Vote is taken. It was voted by majority of votes, for the use of the Unique Identity, (leaving the Shields of each Central Only for Official Documentation of each one, at the Discretion of each one of them). They may not be Used by Members who are Not part of the Unified Directors Board. It is settled with N °: UDB-43-CA, the Immediate withdrawal of all the Continental Logos, which will be in Disuse, and will not be Valid in Any Document from August 1, 2020.

The Logos of the Centrals that can be used The Executive Members of the Unified Directors Board, are the logos of: ASFI®-AWBIS®, FEDASF®-IFAWBAS®, ASFWHO® and ASFLAT®, and their Areas of Dependence (such as AMASFI®, TCASF®, NAHSFI®, and ICSAN®), only for Official matters, and Always Accompanied by the Unique Identity Logo.

It was stipulated in the Sixth Paragraph of the Resolution, that: The Members of the Organization, in Any Category, by Request and with the Corresponding Permission of Use, will use only the Unique Identity, this Paragraph of the Resolution, will appear in the New Guidelines, Regulations, and it has scope to the Entities, with which we maintain some type of Agreement.

After the Plenary Assembly, the Planning Process for the New Credentials and Certificates for Memberships begins.
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, trips are postponed. Acupuncture Protocols are started to alleviate symptoms and strengthen the immune system, bronchi and lungs, following the protocols already carried out and implemented by Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese colleagues
Changes and Replacements of Credentials and Certificates of all Members. Sars-CoV-2 arrives in the Americas and is present throughout the world. World Pandemic is Declared.

From the Plenary Assembly that ended in early 2020, the following actions were taken to follow:

January 2020, the Donation Cost for Obtaining Membership and belonging to AWBIS®-ASFI®, ASFWHO® and ASFLAT® was Repealed. The Repeal Started in May 2020, onwards. This derogation will be permanent.

The FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® International, which Offers its own Membership for Professionals and Entities, with more than 5 Uninterrupted Years of Permanence in AWBIS®-ASFI®, was left out of this Resolution.

Given the entry of Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19) around the world, trips from America to Eastern Europe, Asia and Oceania were postponed.

February 2019. International Campaigns, such as meeting visits, which were scheduled for this year, in Eastern Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America, were reduced to a minimum or suspended. Most Governments Established Mandatory Lockdowns and Quarantines and Traveling at this time involves a great risk to health.

End of February through August 2020, a Team of Researchers from AWBIS®-ASFI®, ASFLAT®, ASFWHO®, and FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® Conducted Traditional Oriental Medicine Studies, many based on Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese Researchers, with which we already had a basis to begin and continue with the investigations, which could help as a palliative method.

Some assistance Protocols were Started, through Traditional Oriental Medicine, together with Naturopathy and Homeopathy, in mild cases in Covid-19. The protocols Continue to be investigated and improved through the Use of extra Points and New Western Points linked to the Traditional ones.

March 2020, Protocols are Established and adapted for the general reinforcement of the organism, against this and other viruses (such as the flu and summer influenza) that could combine and weaken the immune system.

April 2019, a Mixed Protocol is Introduced, which includes: nutrition, acupuncture, herbs for infusions, for the increase and reinforcement of the immune system, a protocol that is being used in several communities.

In all cases, the Members who attend these initial cases of COVID-19, follow the Safety instructions and Guidelines, stipulated by the Health Entities of each Country. Included: Use of protective goggles, or Protective Masks, 3-layer, surgical, or N95 masks (face masks), without filter material, gloves, electronic temperature gauge, and PPE suits (who has one or was able to get one! or more! Take care of it! since all protective material is scarce).

July 2020, we receive detailed information on the death of 136 Members, worldwide, by Covid-19 (and in some cases that we have not counted, also direct relatives). From AWBIS®-ASFI® international we send our condolences to the family Members.

We hope that all Members Continue to use the Methods of Protection and Social Distance, indicated by their Respective Governments.

And for those Members who are supporting small care campaigns, like us, in various parts of the world, in the face of the overflow of Health Systems, to take Extreme Precautions and Avoid Exposure. Faced with any Symptom, even Mild, As a Member, you must Confine Yourself, Apply the Protocols you Already Know and, if Necessary, Seek Assistance.

From October to December 2020, the President, his Advisors and Directors who confirmed attendance will meet again in a new Meeting in Canada, in the City of Edmonton, (for safety) to Conclude the New Roadmap that was Suspended by the Pandemic. The Global Verification is Expected to be Completed, and if Necessary, to make the Remaining Modifications to the New Guidelines and Regulations.

It will be reviewed again that the Central Office of the Presidency of AWBIS®-ASFI® move to settle in Canada, or it will be Voted to Continue in Mexico, which has great care needs. The Group that will Participate in the Meeting will be only the Members with Older Positions and with more experience in the Organization. The topics to be Discussed will be placed in the Blog area of the web.

Once again, Acupuncturists Without Borders International AWBIS®-ASFI® and the Unified Directors Board, extend their most sincere condolences to the already 211 Members who died from Covid-19.

A New Stage for the United Organization

A New Stage for the United Organization, with a Unified Directors Board.
A New Initial Stage in AWBIS®-ASFI®, with New and Renewed Forces.

A Meeting has been planned in the Middle East to determine which of the Centrals of the Unified Directors Board will remain there. The Meeting, with the Directors and Delegates Appointed in 2019-2020, is scheduled for September 2021, in Lebanon or Istanbul. (place and date to be confirmed)

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