Needs with which you can contribute and help us to continue with our Humanitarian Work

VERY IMPORTANT: Never send supplies to any Representation, Correspondent, Embassy or Settlement. We ask that you first consult us about the needs we currently have. PLEASE: do not send supplies that are not on our “Needs List”.

For any questions Contact this Central Office, to first verify our current need.

Donation of Supplies 2021-2023

Office supplies. Printer paper, Ink cartridges, Toner

Computer Repair, we have very outdated and slow laptops, two of them donated by our Representative in the United States in 2016.

Do you have any computer equipment that you no longer use but that works? We really need to improve the PCs, laptops and tablets that are used in some Offices. If possible contact us. Thank you!

Can you support with Transfers for campaigns in your country? Can you provide Accommodation and Food for a few days to Members who are working on Campaigns? Contact us

Supplies, always needed in ASFLAT® - ASFI®-AWBIS®

a) Small-medium plastic biohazard containers.

b) Swabs (cotton swabs), and cotton, normal, flat, or in balls. (no added colorants).

c) Awnings, type Tent, open or closed, for mobile clinics.

d). Meeting Spaces (in your country).

e). Water Bottles, for campaigns.

F). Needles we use the most: IN 0.25 “, ¼ CUN, 7 MM | IN 0.5″, ½ CUN, 13 MM | IN 1 “, 1 CUN, 25 MM | IN 1.5″, 1½ CUN, 40 MM and IN 2 “, 2 CUN, 50 MM. (Not expired). Gauges are indistinct.

g). Alcohol from 70 ° to 90 °, Latex gloves, (non-sterile), Mouth covers. etc.

h). Provide Herbs, Phytotherapy, Mother Tinctures, that we can offer to patients in campaigns.

i). Coffee, tea, juices, as a benefit for Members, in campaigns or trainings.

j). Do you have any items that can be auctioned? Every year we try to hold auctions of popular objects.
(Consult this central by WhatsApp, or by the contact form for more details).

k). Can you support with Air Tickets, or Transfer Miles or Points?

When sending us a supply donation, please include a receipt or label, the financial value, detail of the contents, and the donor’s contact information.

Contact us so that we can indicate to which Office, Representation or Correspondent, you can send the Donations of supplies. Thanks for your support!

Donations and financial support 2021-2023

1. Secretariat and Response Personnel (Most Urgent)

Can you support us, with the expenses of the People who Respond to your Requests? (Secretaries, who receive a salary, less than the minimum, which they use for: their transfers, food, water, coffee, not counting their time!). They are the ones who carry out their Credentials, review their Documents, do the Paperwork. With a minimum contribution from each Member, we can make them feel that they do not depend only on themselves. Support us so that we have more staff for immediate response.

2. Marketing Platforms -Newsletter

Can you help with 1 or 2 annuities, from any of the Newsletter and Marketing sending services? for America, we don’t have any. The ones we need the most are: MailChimp, GetResponse, MailerLite, etc.

3. Internet Domains and Web Hosting for ASFLAT® or AWBIS®

Can you “sponsor” one of our internet domains for 2 or more years? or support with the Hosting of any of all the web pages of ASFI®, AWBIS®, FEDASF®, IFAWBAS®, ASFWHO®, ASFLAT®, among others that Acupuncturists Without Borders International owns? We will give you a mention, on the web, as a donor and we will send you our Certificate and Appreciation.

4. Participate as an Investor in ASFLAT®-ASFI® Projects

Would you like to receive a participation, being an Investor Partner of any of the ASFI®-AWBIS® Projects? You will never lose your investment! one of the many Projects that we have not yet carried out. You can let us know if you are interested in any of our contact forms and let’s talk!

Your investment as a Partner will not only give you financial compensation, it will allow us to carry out more campaigns, and be able to count on staff, paying them per diem.

5. Other financial support than necessary in ASFLAT®-ASFI®

A paid E-learning Platform, for Dictation of Trainings that will give us income, to promote campaigns and comply with pending payments. Free platforms limit us in terms of capacity, accommodation, file uploads, number of participants, etc. If you can help, please contact us.

Our Wish List from ASFLAT®-ASFI® 2021-2023

1). A collaborative work platform for a minimum of 50 to 100 people, such as Microsoft 365, Google Apps for Works, Zoho CRM, Trello, Slack, etc. If you have hired one of these spaces, and you are not giving it the use of its full potential. ASFI®-AWBIS® International You Need One!

2). Economic support, for payment of electricity bills, fixed office telephones, partial help for the income of Offices, Response Headquarters (Most Response Offices in Coworking and with remote work) so the expense is divided between the parts that make up that space. There are spaces with several offices (therefore cheaper) and others with 2 or 3 functional ones. (and a little more expensive).

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If you have proposals for 2021-2023, or can help in any way. If you have interesting ideas, if you would like some campaigns to be carried out in your area, city or country, contact us and tell us, how we could help and how you or a group could support us. We will be happy to do more!. From the button below you can enter the contact form. We will respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your time!

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