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You are Registering on the website of AWBIS®, Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, and also with ASFI®. They are two acronyms, but they are a single Central in two languages. They are indivisible, that’s why we say AWBIS®-ASFI®.

“On this website, you can register from any country in the world”

In any case, even if you register or renew your Membership, in any AWBIS®-ASFI® Central it will belong to Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS®-ASFI® and to each of the Centrals.

Even if you are not a Professional, of any of these Medicines, or even if you do not have a profession, you can Register as a Collaborating Member (area with great need).

If you are an Acupuncturist or Oriental Doctor, you will belong to AWBIS®-ASFLAT®.

If you are: Naturopath, or Homeopath you belong to AWBIS®-ASFI®, but in the area of: NAHSFI®Naturopaths and Homeopaths Without Borders International“, even so, you are part of ASFWHO®, AWBIS®-ASFI® and ASFLAT®.

Simplifying, in any Central that you register and become a Member, it is indistinct since you will belong to the Unit that make up AWBIS®-ASFI®, and the other Centrals.

This Answer and more can be found in the FEDASF® Verification «go to FEDASF®»

(You will leave this website to be redirected to the International Federation FEDASF® “International Federation of Acupuncturists Without Borders and Acupuncture Societies” that is governed by its own policies)

FEDASF®, is also in charge of International Professional Verifications: AC1, AC2, AC3 and the validation of Federated Schools, EC-C, EC-B and EC-A, it issues its own International validations. It is the highest honor inside and outside the Organization to display their Certificates and Credentials. Complete information can be found here «FEDASF® Verification»

For many reasons. One of them to be all with the same Rules and Regulations.

Another is the savings, by repealing websites, of sub-centers of the continent and websites for each central country, it is a great saving in constant maintenance.

Having a website, in each country and continent, made a large expense. To only ensure that they were all dispersed, generating unnecessary expenses that could have been used for other things, such as the Organization’s Objectives.

Apart from the fact that it disintegrated the AWBIS®-AWBIS®-ASFLAT®-ASFWHO®-FEDASF®-IFABWAS® community and created “nationalisms“, something that violates the fundamental principles of the Organization that “All human beings are equal without import, country, race, sex, creed, social status etc.

This could be difficult to explain, especially if you were not aware of the existence of the International Centrals, blocs, and Country Centrals “Before Unification”.

Although the predominance is of AWBIS®-ASFI®, as Central Acupuncturists Without International Borders Society, in: Acronyms, Names (in any of the primary languages of the Organization) Acronyms, Slogan “The point… is to Help”, the Logo of Unique Identity and its Identity Flag, in all the countries of the world.

For you to understand better, we will separate some fears: UDB™ or “Unified Directors Boardfor English, JDU® or “Junta Directiva Unificada for Spanish, CAU® for Portuguese, French and Italian in the following order:Conselho de Administração Unificado“, “Conseil d’Administration Unifié” and “Consiglio di Amministrazione Unificato“.

This unification is made up of directors from each of the Centrals, which is why it was called UDB™-JDU®-CAU® and they represent:ASFLAT®, AWBIS®-ASFI®, FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® and ASFWHO®“.

Each one of these Centrals, which was separate, today function as one, nucleated under the name of: Acupuntores Sin Fronteras of Latin America and the Caribbean, ASFLAT® (For Latin American and Caribbean countries, in Spanish, Portuguese and English) ASFI® for languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian) and AWBIS® for internationalized English.
ASFWHO® Acupuntores Sin Fronteras – World Humanitarian Organization, in the languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English and Italian. FEDASF® in the languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. and IFAWBAS® for the language: internationalized English. Being the 5 official languages of the Organization. Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Italian.

Now that it is understood that all “function under the same Governance Committee” for the main languages of the Organization. We explain some exceptions:

FEDASF® International, is in charge of the resolutions and minutes of the Organization, (mainly) together with ASFWHO® International create, modify, reform and “propose” Norms and Regulations with the Governing Committee, and vote for the changes proposed or not. They can each, together or separately, have representations in the countries that consider it.

ASFWHO® International, can appoint, change, promote, carry out projects, agreements, exchanges, binding relationships, binding economic relationships, sanction and veto people, schools and countries, remove charges, enforce the Rules and Regulations, make changes in the order of the organization, with 49%+2% of the votes of the Government Committee (among others). ASFWHO® may have representations in the countries that consider it.

ASFLAT® is the Central in charge of working for Latin America and the Caribbean. You can appoint, change, promote, sanction and veto people, schools and countries, remove positions, enforce the Rules and Regulations, make changes, with 49% +2% votes from the Government Committee, (among others). If it considers it necessary, it can have representations in the countries, which it considers.

AWBIS®-ASFI® International, are in charge of: Volunteering, location, changes in positions, you can add as many new positions as the Organization needs. Conduct rotation of office voting. It is in charge of low-impact and high-impact campaigns (with the other centrals that are part of it).

It is the name that is most used in all documents, logos, flags, social networks, etc. It can create projects, and is closely linked, to the Presidency area, although this, and its Governance Committee, moved within, FEDASF® International, as “The Container House of all the Centrals”.

ASFI® or AWBIS® performs local, regional, continental, and international votes for positions, performs statistics on the needs of each country. Among many other activities that it develops.

By Repeal and direct vote of the Unified Directors Board.

The purpose of the creation of Continental Blocks, which functioned as a Sub Central that functioned, in each Continent as a Block that should “Unite the Countries of a Continent”, (but, this situation of “Block”, created a barrier), they were not what was expected, nor did they exceed the expectations that they could achieve hegemony, union and order; or that they worked by themselves. (In many cases they were neglected, more attention was paid, to which the Representatives, Managers and Directors of these blocks belonged).

Reason for the Resolution of the Federation, and of all the Centrals, which today make up the Unified Directors Board, were “Repealed”; each and every one of them, by the end of 2019.

These blocks caused great expenses in their implementation, from each continental website, to each document, logos (design), trademark registration before the intellectual and industrial property registries, and much more.

That they took away almost all the funds for campaigning.

Not to mention that the “general feeling” was of separation, and not of union, and only achieved inter block divisions.

Statistical studies indicated that the divisions between continents were independent, when we are all part of the AWBIS®-ASFI® Acupuncturists Without International Borders Society, or one of its areas.

For this and a few other reasons, the “Divisions between Europe, Asia, Oceania, North America, Central America, South America, Africa and the Middle East” (not as a continent, but as a block), no longer exist.

You were a Member of a Block. “But you never lose your Membership, you were always part of the Acupuncturists Without Borders International  Society, AWBIS®-ASFI® or one of the areas of the 4 Official Centers, or one of its areas.

all Members have Membership in AWBIS®-ASFI®, or some Area of them.

As soon as the changes of your Credentials begin, to the new ones, you will be an International Member of AWBIS®-ASFI®, or the area that corresponds to you according to skills and knowledge.

You no longer “belong to a Country, or to a Block”.

The Continental Blocks, and each of the Country AWBIS®-ASFI®, were repealed by the Unified Directors Board, worldwide.

There are no moreContinental Blocks”, or “AWBIS®-ASFI® countries”, including in both cases, the non-existence of the websites that were online.

You “were” part of a certain country. The good news is that Membership is not lost, it continues in the same way it has done so far. You always belonged to Acupuncturists Without International Borders Society, AWBIS®-ASFI® or to one of the areas of the four centers.

Therefore, you will belong to ASFLAT® (if you are from Latin America and the Caribbean or Latino/or Resident in the United States and Canada). If you are from any country outside the Americas, you will have Membership in AWBIS®-ASFI®

The AWBIS®-ASFI® of countries, denatured the Original name, with acronyms that “indicated” that it was from a certain country.

Those that according to the statistics (which were carried out with the Continental Blocks) also with the Centrals of the country, and it was discovered that they actually created negative traits such as nationalisms, and discrimination.

Therefore, in the last world meeting of 2019, it was voted to return to our origin AWBIS®-ASFI® International, or one of the areas of these.

Now you are no longer a Member of a country, you are aGlobal Member”, your nationality is yours, your Membership is global.

This makes it easier to be recognized in other countries as a Member of ASFLAT®ASFWHO® AWBIS®-ASFI® or FEDASF®-IFAWBAS® International, (Indistinctly) and not as a Member of “X” country.

Do not despair, the process of creating your file and personal file takes a while, verify that the requirements are complete, if any are missing, you will be notified by a new email.

The status of your Membership and Registration, you will know after verifying that the requirements are complete. Only then does the creation of your Member Credentials begin.

All requests, questions about their status will always be answered by email.

The times depend on the available personnel, take into account a time of 7 to 15 calendar days, since we receive all the requested documents, (which may be earlier), you will be notified, and your documents will be sent to you as a Member as soon as possible.

In the future, you can ask through inbox, or online chat, WhatsApp or any of the social networks that we implement, (which will be governed by their own privacy policies) and, we could include an Online Chat, to improve communication with Members or Applicants to be, which may or may not be available.

We will never Request or Accept “sensitive data” through any social network. Only via email.

Since 2019, we are doing everything humanly possible to implement WhatsApp Chats, Third Party Chats, and New Contact Forms.

The faults that could be found at this time are: Web in Modification or Change of Servers (note that the information is still being received in any of the 4 Centrals, and in different Languages).

Google or Bing Indexing is out of date, and still leads to forms that no longer exist. (Until Google and Bing are informed that the websites were modified, it is possible that there will still be some remnants incorrectly indexed).

You have contacted through the Registration form (instead of the Contact Form). You can find, our WhatsApp, or the email that appears in the header of each web, to ask a question. (if they do not respond to you through the contact form in a reasonable time)

KEEP IN MIND: When you send an email, it reaches a distribution list, which is referred to whoever is available at that time.

The Personnel who receive your communication are Volunteers without any remuneration.

They may take time to respond depending on the load of pending responses, and the schedules and availability of the volunteers who donate time to respond.

The Organization wishes, that before 2021, to have Assistance areas that receive a minimum payment for their expenses, transfers, food and as an incentive for their work, in this way they will be able to stay longer and give answers more quickly, (but funds are required). Most office volunteering changes when they finish their time as an Assistant Member for Answers.

We sincerely apologize for these inconveniences. Such great changes in a World Organization are never easy.

If the response was sent through the appropriate channels, but you see that it takes longer than 96 hours to receive a response; Please indicate (by a different means than the previous one) that you have sent us an email, from which website you sent it, so that we can locate it.

And finally, occasionally your email might have gone spam and automatically deleted.

We can ensure that when we receive your mail we will try to respond as quickly as possible.

You can speed up the process of questions or doubts through the available Chats and WhatsApp.

Yes of course! It’s easy and you will be helping the community. We need more people like you.

A Host for Therapeutic Care, is a person who gives us a place, so that AWBIS®-ASFI® Professionals can provide our therapeutic services, and helps us to create care, in their city and in their community.

Being a host, for Therapeutic Care, does not bring you economic benefits, since it is to benefit a community in a specific radius. But you and your immediate family can be cared for at no cost.

Depending on the distances and the Availability of Professional Volunteers, a next return can be scheduled after the first campaign.

The costs of the Therapies in the Health Campaigns, through hosts, are low (to cover our expenses) of materials that are required for the care, transfers, necessary elements that we do not know if we will find in their place, if possible we need to carry or have: stretchers for care, healing material, devices, get accommodation for the volunteer professionals, meals, water, etc. All this “Movement” causes expenses. With what is charged, which is a “recovery cost”, it is with what we finance all that expense.

You as a host should only support in your area, with a place, it can be: an empty house that you hope to rent or rent soon, but that you can lend us for a few days, or any space that can be adapted for at least three stretchers , so that three professionals can attend at the same time.
It can be inside a hotel, with rooms without beds, a living room that can be divided by curtains, an empty room, one or two rooms in a house. If it is a hot place, you can ask for large tents such as those used in parties and weddings, to attend there, in any case, the spaces can be adapted to the circumstances of the place, your area, the climate, and what can be obtained, and that we can use it.

Attentions through Hosts campaigns usually last from 2 to 6 days maximum (depending on the number of people they could be extended a few more days, or be shortened to only 2 days).

We will ask you for the exact location of the place to see the radius of action to “Activate the Attention Campaign and provide your data so that you can keep a list of the people who will attend”

We will do the advertising, on social networks and web pages.

We will also ask for all the photos that you can send us of the place, (in order to coordinate what we will take) and with what else you can support us, (you or a neighbor have and lend it to us) such as: chairs for waiting, a table to drink data, preliminary diagnosis, tables or chairs, to place next to the care area, instruments, water, etc.

What is within your reach and can offer, give, provide will be welcomed.

Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, AWBIS®-ASFI®, will give you a present and recognition for hosting this campaign.

You can be a Sponsor of any AWBIS®-ASFI® campaign.

A sponsor supports us with all expenses to be able to carry out a successful campaign.

The Members of Acupuncturist Without Borders International Society, AWBIS® and the International Center will locate the Professional Members, closer to you and to the city, town or community, where you wish to carry out a Natural Health campaign.

You will sponsor a campaign, so you must take into account the expenses for this purpose. The expenses for carrying out a campaign can be with the support of one person, many people, with companies and other institutions, that support their desire to sponsor the campaign.

In this way, you will see the benefits that a health care campaign could bring to your community, not only with care, but also with talks on nutrition, hygiene, prevention of obesity, diabetes, Acupuncture treatments, Homeopathy and Naturopathy, etc.

The magnitude of the sponsored campaign will be in accordance with the financing that you achieve. So, the “Main Merit will be yours”, when you achieve it.

The Professional Members who are proposed, invited and destined for the campaign, must have the transfer from their localities, to yours, round trip, during their stay, have accommodation, food and the necessary materials for care. (Anyway, we always carry something, from our work material)

All sponsored health care will be conditioned by the amount that you as a sponsor can have, with a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 12 days. The amount available will be set and managed by you, alone, or with more people, companies or organizations that support you. (To companies and entities, we will provide wide publicity of your brand)

Those who decide on the Medical-Therapeutic Strategy, in each patient, are the Professionals, according to their criteria. The Members that will participate could be from:  AWBIS®-ASFI®, ASFLAT®, ASFWHO® Internationalor from any of the Areas, who will participate with their knowledge, skills and knowledge, in the campaign that you kindly sponsor.

None of the Members will charge for their therapeutic care, nor will they receive any money from you (except for the expenses with their respective voucher generated by their transfers, stay, food and materials).

You must be able to allow the Professional Members to place a pot for “Voluntary Donations” so, that the people served, who wish to make a Donation to the Organization, (which is optional at all times), which will be used in lower expenses than the Professionals could require, at the moment. (These revenues will be reported to the accounting area, due to our accounting transparency policies of the Organization).

You, as a sponsor, can be present, at the time of counting, of what people have donated, to be aware and informed, keeping us that way, with clarity and transparency at all times.

Long before carrying out the Sponsored health and Therapeutic Campaign, we will be in contact with you by phone and, if possible, a Coordinator with a Delegate, they will travel to see and know the place where the therapies will be given.

In this way, we will have a global vision of the number of people who could go, how many you could sponsor, and an estimate of people to attend.

Previously, we will ask you for the exact location where you want the Campaign to take place. And photographs of the place where it would be attended, with these data we can already estimate:  AWBIS®-ASFI®, ASFLAT®, or ASFWHO® International staff who will have to move, depending on the space, it will be determined how many Professionals will be needed, and according to the approximate number of people to attend, when days should be the campaign.

In any case, for this type of campaign that we usually carry out, we kindly ask you to contact us to get to know us and establish the parameters and time limits, the economic ones, the necessary professionals, accommodation, distances, space, etc.

“This type of Campaign must be scheduled at least 4 months in advance.”

You will receive all our Cooperation, in the Campaign Sponsorship Organization, we will ask a Delegate to always be the same person, with whom you are in constant contact, to outline all the details, your campaign and our actions are successful.

You will receive, from the World Center of Acupuncturists Without Borders international Society, a great Recognition, and you will be interviewed (if you approve) to place your sponsorship on our websites, so that other people can see that there are people, or entities philanthropists who want to support and help their community.

Sponsorship can be requested by more than one person, by individuals and companies, by schools, by governments, and anyone (or many) who want and wish to sponsor an excellent campaign of care in the population.

We look forward to your first contact, and in advance. Thank you for taking an interest in the people who need it most and in “Helping us to Help”.

To be able to corroborate your data, in the preparation of your member credentials, and certificates (if applicable); also, to verify that the name matches the documents you send us of your qualifications.

There could be other means of contact such as networks (inbox), online chat, WhatsApp, to be able to answer you about your membership. We will never Accept “Sensitive” Documentation by these means, they are always received by email.

Confirmation of correct or missing documentation receipt will be by email.

The identification (for some countries it could vary, the name of the official identification, it could be: identity card, credential, DNI, CI, CC, RG, CIP, RUT) It must be, the one that your country issued.

In some cases, it may be the driver’s license, it is considered official identification, in Mexico, the United States of America and Canada.

In case you do not have your identification (because it is pending, it was stolen, lost, etc.), it can be the Passport or your Birth Certificate.

But: An Official Identity Proof is necessary to process your registration or affiliation.

And you can rest assured that all documentation we receive, including “sensitive information” will be protected by the Personal Data Protection Policies. There is a Committee for it.

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