an international non-profit organization which seeks to unite Oriental Medicine Professionals, and those who wish to help in different areas. The low cost of the Membership allows anyone who wants to help to be registered, in return we offer benefits to the volunteers.

…We help in

the Preservation of the health of all the people, with treatments of Acupuncture, Naturopathy and therapeutic of high quality, helping in any circumstance, where it is necessary, with Clinical Professionals, Technicians; with enough excellently trained volunteers for each task that we started.

…We serve with

Acupuncture and other medicines, in different places, where health care is required. In natural or provoked catastrophes, with the protocols we have for emergencies; also with normal attention in various places, which our Members are detecting; who actively participate

Who we are?

People, Professionals and non-Professionals, united for the same objective: Help in various normal and emergency situations. 

You can join AWBIS®-ASFI®
and help in your available times. We are an NGO, a large group of people, with great knowledge, ideas and ideals.

We sign cooperation agreements that benefit everyone. Institutions, Centers, Schools around the world, creating awareness in the community.

We carry out since, more than 60 years,
Humanitarian Aid Campaigns through the MTO and Complementary Therapies all over the world.

You can help by donating with

You can help by donating with PayPal

Welcome to AWBIS® and ASFI® Internacional 

The hands and capacities of volunteers, their selfless donation, are what “Make this Organization continue to help” and it is ultimately those who guide this global organization, to be little better. We do not receive any kind of money from governments. We depend entirely on each membership and donation of each volunteer.

United by friendship, companionship and fraternity, we reach all peoples with the same message: 

“The Point is … Help”

Do not you think you can be part of something really big and important for the rest of your life? Do not you think it’s worth doing something for others? Give back to life a little of everything he taught you, what you know how to do, for those who did not have those opportunities?… think about it.

We wait for you, we need many more hands, in order to continue providing help and assistance.

Do not forget, you’re AWBIS®-ASFI®.  To know more, we recommend you to enter to the web of your country, from the central one to those that correspond (continent) so that you can see our activities. You can enter in the menu: Blocks ASFI®-AWBIS®.

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