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1. Privacy policy

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We also take additional steps to comply with the relevant statement regarding what we can do with the personal information we collect from you. Read our personal data protection policy here.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy and Data Protection Statement at any time by posting reviews on our site.

2. Copyright

Unless expressly indicated otherwise, the logos, slogans, isologotypes, name, acronyms, abbreviation of name are under copyright and Intellectual Property, being appropriate to international laws, and their like of each country, also on The rights in all materials presented on this site (including graphic images, texts, video clips, reprographics, sounds, demos, reviews and other files) are the intellectual property of ASFI®-AWBIS® International and are protected by copyright, the right of intellectual property and other property rights that apply in your country.

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You cannot (either directly or indirectly, including the use of any program) create a database in electronic or other format by downloading and storing all or part of the pages of this site without our prior consent, in writing except as expressly authorized that is found for free download and that focuses on the information that you must know, or of documents you will need for your registration or Affiliation to ASFI®-AWBIS®.

Create a link, from your website to our homepage; is appreciated, but for the use of logos, slogans, isologotypes, name, acronyms, abbreviation of name, requires our explicit written consent.

Please “contact us” if you wish to place a link on your website, do not take screenshots, we will provide you with the official banner after we verify where it will be placed.

It is strictly forbidden to create links that pass beyond the main page, that is, the deep links of the site should not be placed. Unless a special link is authorized that leads to a certain place on the site and that has written permission from ASFI®-AWBIS® International, owner of this website.

No deep link is allowed, without prior written agreement.

We reserve the right to revoke such authorization at any time.

You may not modify, publish, distribute, reproduce, adapt or modify any of the materials on this website, or use any of the materials that we make available to applicants as Members of this, or as part of the Volunteering, or publish them in No means, including social networks, make commercial use of this site, or any of the available materials that are located in it, without our prior written consent.

The permission that we can grant you, automatically terminates if you violate any of these terms or other terms and conditions applicable to this site.

3.- Use of Cookies.

This site uses cookies that could be generated by indexers and search engines. For security of the ASFI®-AWBIS® website, your IP and the country from which you visit us and it is recorded in our system.

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4. Legal notice.

The contents of this site are subject to the matters mentioned below: The content is only for general information or the use of our members (as indicated).

The information on this page and the site is updated from time to time.

However, any warranties (expressed or implied) are hereby ruled out in terms of the quality, accuracy, efficacy, integrity, performance, fitness for a particular purpose of this page, the website or any of its contents, including (but not limited to) any other purpose than the aforementioned, fraudulent representations, including unauthorized copying of the site.

You should give notice immediately and make sure you have the correct ASFI®-AWBIS® site. (; otherwise, you may be a victim of fraud, and ASFI® AWBIS® or its dependencies of ASFI®-AWBIS® will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, if you become a victim of this criminal act.

We are not responsible for any damages, including, but not limited to: damages, in your name, for any loss, including withdrawal from your Membership for any breach, for lack of ethics, personal usufruct with our name, unauthorized use of logos, slogans, isologotypes, name, acronyms, abbreviation of name, or the loss of the benefits for serious faults, or not obtaining their membership for not presenting the required documentation, or for sending diplomas, certificates, or any document set or false. Please see our “Acceptance or Rejection of Affiliation Policies Here”

This site contains material in the form of information, sometimes for the maintenance of the site we place advertising, tools that can offer distributors of materials for professionals, which will be well defined as “Advertising”, especially when they are from third parties other than ASFI®-AWBIS®, its offices, subsidiaries or areas that belong to it, therefore, we are not responsible for the content of the “Advertising” nor for the accuracy of this type of material, nor are we responsible for the availability of the materials or work tools offered, since we cannot guarantee the advertised services.

We are not responsible for any loss or material that is offered by third parties.

ASFI®-AWBIS® International has agreements and exchange relationships with some institutions, centers, academies, schools and universities; So if you are studying with an institution that is affiliated with our conglomerate of “Affiliated Institutions“, you should know that: ASFI®-AWBIS® International does not impose, or indicate payments for education or instruction received, not makes the charges for them; so it is demarcated from: any complaint, complaint, problem that you – Member or not – have with any of them.

ASFI®-AWBIS International asks you, in case of any eventuality, to get in direct contact with the heads of the educational institution and find a solution between you and that entity.

ASFI®-AWBIS® does not act as intermediary, nor does it dictate how much they could charge for the instruction received from them, we do not know the financial management of the affiliated entities, or that they maintain a cooperation agreement, sponsorship or endorsement.

Both the ASFI®-AWBIS® Affiliated Entities and their Members are obliged to follow and enforce the rules, regulations and professional code of ethics indicated, however, we are not responsible for the suitability of any Therapist, Professional or Practitioner that is published on our website; as well as, the fees, charges or fees that any of them, in their own right and name charge. (And not on behalf of/or for: ASFI®-AWBIS® International or ASFI®-AWBIS® of any country). If you have questions “Contact us”.

The unique Social Dues that ASFI®-AWBIS® requests, in the form of a donation, is for a single way to donate, “and it is PayPal”, they are exposed on the web and they are international.

Courses, Training, Careers, even Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees that ASFI®-AWBIS® could offer, are also available on the web, and they are Titles, Diplomas or “Own” Certificates since 2016, when they were approved: ASFI® -AWBIS® International, to provide training with their own degrees. This does not exclude certificates, with shared logo, that we possess with entities, affiliates and with international cooperation agreement.

ASFI®-AWBIS® International, we verify the documentation of each Professional Member and Institutional Members, but we cannot guarantee the quality of care and / or education that you may receive from that person or institution.

ASFI®-AWBIS® International will not be responsible, under any circumstance, for advice, recommendations or medication that a Member may indicate to you, when you contact it directly from our database, or at the request of recommendations of Professionals of a certain country, of the which we could send you the contact information; but we are not responsible for any ailment that you suffer, ASFI®-AWBIS®, is not responsible in the event that a professional, withdraw any medication that a qualified physician may be supplying or prescribing.

ASFI®-AWBIS® does not advise online or give “recommendations” about medicines, herbs or natural products that you might consume, or take. This act requires an interview with a qualified physician.

ASFI®-AWBIS® is not responsible for the “pyramid sale” products that you may be consuming, if any of the affiliated members “sell this type of products” is the responsibility of the Member who recommends it, and of the person who consumes them. ASFI®-AWBIS®, is not responsible for this act, nor for the benefits or ailments that these may cause.

To summarize, any product “herbal”, “natural”, even “homeopathic” or “other home-made” that you consume, will in any case be the “responsibility of the person who prescribes it and who consumes it“, ASFI®-AWBIS® International, they demarcate from these acts, which are the responsibility of a qualified physician.

You should be aware that you should not self-medicate under any circumstances without the proper consultation of a physician. You are solely responsible for consuming over-the-counter products, which are advertised and sold in pharmacies, in particular, clinics, dispensaries or pharmacies. direct sale, or in the pyramidal modality and that you might not know if they have side effects, or if they are of dubious origin, or even adulterated.

We recommend taking great care with the consumption of herbs without the proper knowledge. Your life may be in serious danger, the consumption of some plants could lead to serious poisoning and it may happen that, without the correct dosage or favorable attention, lead to death.

5.- Internet and security on the web.

ASFI®-AWBIS® cannot guarantee that the contents that you can download from the site are free of viruses or anything else that has contaminating or destructive properties and will not have any responsibility in relation to them.

6.- About Therapeutic Counseling

ASFI®-AWBIS®, is a website that provides information relevant to Members.

ASFI®-AWBIS®, is not responsible for individuals or companies and other organizations; whose products, materials or services may be included, displayed or mentioned in any of the ASFI®-AWBIS® webs is neither, nor will it be responsible for the availability, suitability or prices of said goods and services, their competences, or professional qualifications, or the memberships that they say they own of some regulatory organisms are these, people, companies or other organizations. You must verify that the Professional has the Certifications and Qualifications “At sight”.

It is recommended that users of ASFI®-AWBIS® exercise due care and caution when selecting a service from our website and from anyone in general. 

We do not endorse unless otherwise indicatedthe capacities of individuals and organizations, which do not belong or are not permissive; written in official legal document of the abbreviations or names “Acupuncturists Without Borders International” or “ASFI®-AWBIS®”, or “ASFI® International”, or “AWBIS® International”, or “Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society”, or any of our sub-areas and that may appear on our website, so we recommend that you investigate for yourself, the skills of the professionals, the products that can be offered, from Institutions or from other organizations, until you feel totally satisfied in your needs.

We advise users that by attending a private consultation with one of our Members: “Verify” that they have the ASFI® or AWBIS® Certificate in view, or ask to show them their credentials as a member, or request to show you the ICSA® International Council for Safe Acupuncture certificate, also to be sure about the exact type of therapy, medicine or technique that is offered, have the qualifications, titles, certificates and / or professional credentials, and the nature of the goods or services offered by individuals, companies and other organizations whose products or services may be displayed or mentioned on the ASFI®-AWBIS® Site.

ASFI®-AWBIS®, can only ensure that the information available and provided by third parties are duly registered as Members of the Organizationwhich is a way of being able to offer third-party advertising-, which are verified validated and/or endorsed.

ASFI®-AWBIS® recommends that before contacting any of the listed professionals, buy products, goods or services that may be offered, contact us to verify the accuracy of the information provided.

For any clarification on any questions you may have regarding the actions of Acupuncturists Without Borders International ASFI®-AWBIS® or any of its areas, contact us.

Verify that it is administered and prescribed by authorized personnel before consuming any medication.

The same applies to Acupuncture. Make sure the needles are new and open “in front of you”. Check that the professional, therapist, doctor has the knowledge in Traditional Chinese, Oriental, Naturopathic, Homeopathic Medicine and that it is Valid.

If he or the professional is presented as an International ASFI®-AWBIS® Member of any country. You can contact us from here, and we can indicate your registered qualifications; and if it is verified by ASFI®-AWBIS®; or an ASFI®-AWBIS® Area, or not. You decide about your health! Take care!

7.- Limitation of responsibilities.

Under no circumstances ASFI®-AWBIS® or any of its subsidiaries, Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, Officers, directors, volunteer members, affiliates, or any other party involved that is ASFI®-AWBIS® area is not and will not be liable for any damages resulting from: The inability to use the website of: ASFI®-AWBIS®, which you are viewing at this time.

or, of errors, omissions, interruptions, suspension, termination, deletion of files, defects, viruses, delays in the operation time, the slowness in the transmission or the response of the site, in the sending of answers;

Or any malfunction with respect to the ASFI®-AWBIS® website including, but not limited to: Those derived from vandalism, communication failure, theft, destruction or unauthorized access to ASFI®-AWBIS® to the registration area, programs or services; broken links from advertisers, poor products, that could be announced;

o Information or advice received by a member listed in the ASFI®-AWBIS® website of any country;

or any information, data, texts, messages and other materials that, when sent by electronic means such as e-mail, may be lost during the course of the shipment;

o Failure to upload files from your mail server

or assume that the upload is complete and send the empty email, attach without verifying that the attachments are very large;

or erroneous emails, because they are misspelled in the registration form that you filled out online;

or emails that we send to you that could go to the Spam folder, emails, files or documents sent and that your mail server could erase or send them to said Spam folder, you are responsible for reviewing said folder;

o Any other inconvenience derived from sending or receiving documentation by virtual or electronic means that the Member and ASFI®-AWBIS® international, may have.

ASFI®-AWBIS® cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted over the Internet.

Any information or data that you transmit, is done at your own risk and is sent through an email server, something that is alien to ASFI®-AWBIS® and will not be responsible, under any circumstance, for any loss or damage that could be derived from the transmission of said information, although the reception thereof is to an email with security.

8.- Opinions and points of view

The opinions and points of view expressed by collaborators, Members, professionals, entities, service operators, other organizations, are not necessarily the opinions and views of ASFI®-AWBIS® International.

All possible precautions are taken to ensure the accuracy of information that may be provided by third parties. ASFI®-AWBIS® accepts no responsibility for omissions, errors or inaccuracies that may exist. The information that may be available for downloading, printing or viewing is supported by collaborators and sometimes by advertisers, so that the material provided is safe. Once verified, it is uploaded to our server for later download on the ASFI®-AWBIS® International website, however, we cannot guarantee the correct accuracy of the content.

ASFI®-AWBIS®, is Acupuncturist Without International Borders Society, a Non-profit organization, and we comply with the Laws, so ASFI®-AWBIS® International, is not responsible or accepts any responsibility for infringements of the Law that could be incurred by members, advertisers of services, materials or distributors of any necessary element, for the work of professionals.

The advertiser, distributor or person will be responsible at all times for what they offer “be what it promises”; Otherwise ASFI®-AWBIS® International, will remove the information of that company, person, institution or other organization, which offers any product, work material, or even low quality educational services, for the protection of our Members and the population in general.

Last revision and modification January 10, 2017.