Data Protection Policies of Acupuncturists Without International Borders.

These Policies are valid from 2016 and will be valid for all ASFI®-AWBIS® offices in all countries, existing or existing.

Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policies.         

The Policies of ASFI® Acupuntores Sin Fronteras Internacionales and AWBIS® Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, and/or any of the Continental Centers; FEDASF®, ASFNA®, ASFWHO®, ASFCAM® ASFSUD®, ASFIAF®, ASFIAO®, ASFLAT®, ASFALC®, ASFIEU®, NAHSFI®, AMASFI®, are similar.

For practical questions and correct information, we will refer only as “ASFI®-AWBIS®” since they are all part of it; The associations, and foundations that make up the group, its main suppliers and service providers can be included in our policies.

On behalf of ASFI®-AWBIS®, we inform you that: your Personal Data is important to us and is never shared with third parties that do not belong to the same organization ASFI®-AWBIS®, so we will apply the guidelines, policies and procedures necessary to protect your information.

Therefore, as a possible volunteer of ASFI®-AWBIS®, be certain that your Personal Data will be protected by the maintenance, handling and adequate physical and electronic protection for your personal information, in order to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing the same. 

The Personal Data that we obtain from you, by virtue of the requests that you indicate, by any of the communication channels that we possess, such as the sending of forms, files, photos, copies, or any other data considered “Sensitive” to ASFI® -AWBIS®, will be treated confidentially through the systems provided for such purposes.

Personal Data: It is considered as such, the Personal Data and/or Sensitive Data, whose definitions are established in the Law, and that you provide to ASFI®-AWBIS®. Said Personal Data will be used by ASFI®-AWBIS® in a non-limiting manner, for the purposes of identification, location, operation, administration, communication and statistics. The temporality of the handling of the Personal Data will be indefinite, from the date on which you provide said data to ASFI®-AWBIS®.

Responsible for the processing of your personal data.

The party responsible for the processing of your personal data will be the person who is a Records Assistant at the Management and Contact headquarters of ASFI®-AWBIS®, with address at Francisco I. Madero 52, Oficina interior, of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Barrio Centro, Mexico CP 29230. Email: manager [at] asfwho [dot] org, Contact telephone number: +52 322.120.2877

Treatment of your Personal Data.

Once you deliver your Personal Data to the Responsible, we inform you that these will be kept in a secure place and means that the technology allows, whose access will be limited only to the physical and moral persons with which the organization and/or Responsible some relationship The Responsible will have the security measures it deems appropriate.

Transfer of Personal Data.

ASFI®-AWBIS® may transfer your Personal Data and/or Sensitive Data between headquarters and/or plants, only (already announced) that are located anywhere in the world and will be under personnel responsible for following these same policies in each country that exists an ASFI®-AWBIS®, and to provide the necessary services for its proper operation, and to the entities mentioned in the first paragraph of this notice.

In such cases, we inform you that the ASFI®-AWBIS® will adopt the necessary measures so that the people who have access to your Personal Data comply with the privacy policy of ASFI®-AWBIS®, as well as with the principles of data protection personal rights established in the International Laws of Protection of Personal Data.

Rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition. 

You or your duly accredited legal representative shall have the right at all times to access your Personal Data, either to request its rectification, cancellation or opposition, in accordance with the provisions of the Law. By means of a request presented at the indicated address, from Monday to Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Or in case in your country there is no Headquarters, or Operational Center for Data Protection; being a different country you are in, you can make use of your right to cancel and delete data electronically.

In the event that ASFI®-AWBIS® intends to make use of your Personal Data, different from that indicated in this notice, you will be informed of this circumstance by any means, whether written, telephone, electronic or any other technology that allows it.

If this is the case, you will have the right to oppose it, having to follow the process mentioned above. 

Modifications to the Privacy Notice.

ASFI®-AWBIS® reserves the right to modify the content and scope of the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Notice at any time and as deemed necessary.

Such modifications will be communicated on each Internet site of any country where Acupuncturists Without Borders International has Representatives, Responsible or Groups, or through any other means of communication or web using ASFI®-AWBIS®. ASFI®-AWBIS® establishes Mexico as “Head of the Central for all the countries ASFI®-AWBIS® in America” ​​because it is considered by the board of directors, and by vote thereof, as a strategic point for the integral vision of the American countries, but it is not limiting, since there are other countries in other continents, with headquarters of response and humanitarian assistance with the same policies of data protection.

You can also have several Centrals, in which, in this case, your Personal Data will be collected and stored in the Headquarters, Settlement or Central Office closest to your country of residence, there will be no duplicates, we have a unique identification system for our members, that will allow us to recognize your data by that number.

These policies are completed and modified at 07 days of April 2017.