Policies on the acceptance or rejection of affiliations or Active or inactive Members. (Includes losses due to Illicit or non-compliance with Standards) 

These policies are: Accelerators Without International Borders ASFI®, and Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society AWBIS® and / or any of the Continental Centers; FEDASF®, ASFNA®, ASFWHO®, ASFCAM® ASFSUD®, ASFIAF®, ASFIAO®, ASFLAT®, ASFALC®, ASFIEU®, NAHSFI®, AMASFI®, are similar. For practical questions and correct information, we will refer only as “ASFI®-AWBIS®” since they are all part of this. 



Is the person who completed his registration, sent the requested documentation in a timely manner, (attentive to the policies of protection of personal data, National or International, see “PPDP”), accepted the rules of the organization, was verified in his person and that, in addition, it was approved by the Steering Committee and can make use of the Membership of the Organization.


Who is already registered and verified with the documentation that is sent to us and that is protected by our “personal data policies”. The Member can be framed in any of the Categories that ASFI®-AWBIS® possesses for identification of the affiliated members.


Member who has active status, approved, registered as a volunteer in any category and who has not expired his/her credential, his/her membership or time granted for the position he/she holds (if he/she held it) or any other condition that report that has not been written off; for reasons of irregularities, illegal or misconduct. Serious regulations.


ASFI®-AWBIS®, its General Committee, its Board of Directors, International, National or whoever it designates; they reserve the right to verify to each Member that registers, that the provided data are: true, reliable, and that they are not adulterated, being material photographed or scanned.

This includes but is not limited to: Verification of Address provided, phone calls to verify the phone where you will receive alerts or notifications, email, where you will also be sent information when necessary, certificates, diplomas, studies completed, investigation of veracity of studies in the educational institution in which you received or are studying, identity documents, among others that those responsible for ASFI®-AWBIS® in your country, may require.

The responsible persons, in each headquarters of each ASFI®-AWBIS® country that holds a position with verification power, in the Organization, may request the new volunteer members, or the members who re-registered, the presentation for contrast. in original of the totality of the sent documentation, or in partial form, what corresponds to each case.


If the person, member, or member who renews his/her membership, in response to the request that he/she submits the originals for verification of veracity, he/she refuses; ASFI®-AWBIS® in the exercise of its regulations; and full right as stipulated in its International Standards and its Minutes, will first proceed to “the suspension”, 30 days later, it will be requested a second time; and to continue with the Refusal to present the required documentation, the immediate termination and suspension of the membership will proceed, in the same way the withdrawal of members may be announced in any of the social media that ASFI®-AWBIS® possesses, without prejudice one for ASFI®-AWBIS®; any of its areas, its directors, or any of its Members in any of the categories that ASFI®-AWBIS® holds for the international identification of its executive members.


Occasionally, and on rare occasions, but in particular: when any of the documents presents a deletion, amendment, or is visibly adulterated. When the institution that issued it, certificates, diplomas, or any other document, does not exist, it is not an official education (* it does not apply in countries where the exercise of the TCM / OTM is still not regulated), but if, instead, it is a verification of knowledge could be requested through the ICSA® International Council for Safe Acupuncture. The latter could be left to the consideration of the World Board of Directors, or be derived to be defined as Continental Directions, or Trusted Management of ASFI®-AWBIS®; including the Legal Department and the Member verification. Both Departments of the Organization that intervene in the Registries and Renovations.


The withdrawal of a member can occur by: not renewing your membership on the expiration date indicated on your credential, which, without ASFI®-AWBIS® having to give you any notice; will be in all cases automatic, not having to do any extra processing.

Once the membership has expired, from the same day of the expiration, the withdrawal proceeds, without exception, for which the Department of Registers 180 days will delete the corresponding file. 

The former member who has expired the membership and not having initiated the renewal process, automatically loses the membership and may not use the names, slogans, logos, acronyms or any other indicate or imply “belonging to ASFI®-AWBIS®” or any of its areas, or that may appear in any advertising material, including letterheads, personal cards or the logo duly authorized for its use.

Failure to comply with this International Standard may result in legal problems of name use, and may be contacted by the Legal Department, as they are in charge of verifying all expired Members that are promoting themselves as “Pertaining to ASFI®-AWBIS®”.

Also from the first day of expiration all the benefits that could have been granted, including the accumulated points, are lost. These points will only be recoverable if you renew your membership up to thirty calendar days from the expiration indicated on your credential.

If the Volunteer Member had a charge and did not initiate the re-registration process (renewal), the Department of Registries, or whoever requests it, will make a single call (telephone or email) to renew their membership, if applicable. contrary and having elapsed thirty calendar days of its expiration, the same policies apply as for any category of Members.


In case of withdrawal – due to expiration– you must join again, just as if you were a new member and send the corresponding documentation (if more than 180 days passed of said expiration), if not yet 180 calendar days have elapsed, you should send only what the Department of International Registries indicates, since it is probable that your records are still kept safe.


Apart from the announced by expiration of the membership, it will be: 

a) for misuse of our name, 

b) for any illicit that is being committed in our name,

c) by posing as a member of a different assigned category;

d) for disseminating by any means that “ASFI®-AWBIS® supports you in your profession, or teaching” (something that is only done in exceptional cases and that is very well defined in credentials, certificates or in official letters where we indicate that has this endorsement) otherwise an illegality that is legally challenged will be committed;

e) for adulteration of the organization’s documentation, and / or any other document including, but not limited to: stamps, certificates, ratification letters, letters of appointment and any other document that may be issued from the central;

f) for publishing on social networks the credential, stamps, or any official document (with the exception of the credential of “Proud Member”, created exclusively so that it can be placed in any social network);

g) discrimination for any cause or reason, and towards any person or individual;

h) defame, abuse, assault, disrespect to members, the guides in campaigns, disrespecting the organization, discrimination of countries (nationalism) and / or for any reason, not announced in this paragraph; even if you, who have the right not to agree with these policies, but you must understand that the Rules and Regulations were created to follow a structure, that results in order and respect to the people, their dignity, and in general to any living being. Also defame, insult or assault in any way, any member of the organization that has membership in any category, and in general to any person who reports this lack of respect to our Abuse Department; in: abuse [@] asfwho [dot] org.

i) make personal usufruct on behalf of the organization, under any pretext; receive or request money without authorization from the International Board of Directors, to the members, when under no circumstance cash is requested (only donations are accepted via PayPal), except for campaigns, where a hierarchical member with the authority to request “collaborations” voluntary that could be provided (and that should be reported to the Accounting Department) in cases of community or emergency care, only;

j) any other serious fault, such as those announced in the Rules, Regulations and Statutes in force for 2017 and their amendments prior to or after this date, in which they could be incurred and which are considered unlawful.

In its right the hierarchical Members of the country offices may give notice to the competent authorities so that, together with the legal department, the corresponding actions are taken.

Minor actions: “Warning”. The Members that have affected any of the faults announced in these policies and those contained in the Rules, Regulations and Statutes in force. (*There are exceptions, such as minor faults, those mentioned in these policies only frame those that are considered “serious”, you can refer to the Rules and Regulations in force) If you do not have them you can request them at the headquarters closest to your home, in your country of residence. (if there are branches, otherwise directly to the headquarters closest to your country)

Members who commit “Serious” Faults announced in these Policies, Rules, Regulations and Current Bylaws, may not belong to the organization, and ASFI®-AWBIS® from their country may report them as “written off in social networks”, ASFI® -AWBIS® website in your country, or in those that are considered so that the general public can know that said person is a former member, this without prejudice to ASFI®-AWBIS®, any of its areas, its directors, or any of its Members in any of the categories that ASFI®-AWBIS®.

The Member who voluntarily registers accepts these transparency policies during their stay as part of ASFI®-AWBIS® volunteering, or any of the areas that AWBIS®-ASFI® possess.

The updated policies on Acceptance and Rejection of Members, Registries or Affiliations and Withdrawals are defined by April 10, 2017.