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On this page you can read the basic requirements that are necessary for your Registration as a Member of: AWBIS®-ASFI® International. Read them and you can see that it is simple to put them together and that they are really few…


Send Data

In the Link that you find on this page, you can go to the Registration form, register, and at the foot of the form, you will find the button to see the documents to send, to complete your membership and be part of AWBIS®-ASFI®


Affiliate Member!

Once you send us the necessary data; we will contact you, from the central office, or by one of our closest representatives; to deliver your corresponding AWBIS®-ASFI® credential. Ready Affiliate!

Our Campaigns

1-Normal Campaigns; where we will offer our assistance to people from different places, with different needs.

2-In Emergencies.

are those that, in the face of a “natural” or provoked catastrophe, call us to help in therapeutic assistance.

3-Special Campaigns. they are the ones that are usually done; for children, for seniors, for communities, for women, for homeless and more…

4-Annual Campaigns. those that each year, fulfill a specific function. In 2017-18 pfor for AWBIS®-ASFI® it is the “Year of therapeutics against pain”


What are the requirements to become a Member?

They are really very simple. Ideally, you should contact the Managers, from the web of your country, (if available). They will give you information on how to register. Also – in the headquarters, the Managers, will be able to verify your capacities, and thus help you in the ideal location within the Organization, so that you can grow, develop and perform fully.

But, if you wish, you can do it yourself. Registering by the link at the end of this text. Keep in mind that in any case you will be referred to the Managers in your country or to one of any of our continental Blocks (whichever is closest to you).

The process is simplified so that few steps are taken, you and us. 

Collects each of the General Requirements that are requested on the international website of AWBIS®-ASFI® which are indicated From HERE

All the Documents that are requested: you will send them to the e-mail of records that we will indicate, when you are ready to send them.

The scanned documents must have good quality and must be able to read correctly, (The documents can not contain deletions or amendments) and if necessary, in any interview, or at the request of a Representative, you must be able to present the originals that you sent us for its collation, verification or validation.

If your files are very heavy, we recommend sending them in several compressed emails, or upload them to services such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox and send us the Link to download them.

Remember: You will send all documents to a secure email, which is protected at all times by our data protection policies. And protected with SSL certificates.

*REGISTRY: To Start your Registration as a Member Enter HERE

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