How to help?

In all the ways that you imagine, all the hands and knowledge are necessary. You can Register as a Volunteer Member and you can help in many of the areas that are available to you and your unique abilities, just tell us what!

Did you never imagine that you could be part of something big? and Did you know that you can do it ?, in Acupuncturists Without Borders International, we know that you can be part of something big, of something special and unique

Your help is important

y and you can choose any of the Areas that we have especially for you, for the children, for the adolescents, the elderly, for the disabled, for those who need attention, for you, for me, for everyone!

Be part of AWBIS®-ASFI®, we are waiting for you… 


How to train in AWBIS®-ASFI® International?

For years now, we have been offering oeducational offers by AWBIS®-ASFI®. These are the Trainings that help us raise funds for campaigns.

We taught Training since 2016 as AWBIS®-ASFI®, alone and in company, with friendly Schools and NGOs. We are sure that they will be of your total satisfaction and interest.

They should keep in mind that: in each country, the Trainings may vary, without leaving the same program. We ask you to enter to the web of your Country, and see in the menu “Study”; what is in these moments, for your country. There you can observe with whom we have cooperation, relationship or agreement. Or what is what we are dictating there, as a Training Center already legally institutionalized.

Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society, has several programs “Base for Emergencies”, among them the B.I.T. (Basic International Training).

The “Project B.I.T. of AWBIS®-ASFI® International” has as its fundamental purpose to train you according to Norms and Regulations in the Basic instruction in Acupuncture-Moxibustion, for emergencies and attentions under the supervision of qualified personnel.

The trainings are with International validation are intensive and it is the preparation outlined by “Factors” and you get the practice to act in AWBIS®-ASFI® Campaigns and in emergencies. We also have many other trainings, for that, we invite you to enter the web of your country.

If there is not any in your country. Contact us now, and ask for the “Referrals” program and we will see how to organize some of our trainings in your country. Interesting, right?.

In Acupuncturists Without Borders International Society… If you can!