Our Achievements

1- Unique Identity.
We have managed to have a Unique Identity that identifies us worldwide. Today we are easily identified.

2- Massive Attention. We reach distant areas offering health assistance, with ASFI® areas, self-sustainable and the help of the community.

3-More Offices AWBIS®-ASFI®  we are making each country have its own place. Everything, thanks to the support of each member, there are more Directions and Managements.

4- More Volunteers: Thanks to International Campaigns and visibility, we achieved an increase in global volunteering, and we are going for more hands and willingness to help!

5- More Agreements: We have signed between 2016-2017 more than 16 cooperation agreements with other agencies that benefit everyone.

6- Low cost (2017): In 2016, a low social quota was voted to compensate for the lack of resources. Creating a culture of helping and donating like any NGO.

Know Our: Vision – Mission – Values – Contributions

Visión - Misión - Valores

All Members and Volunteers, including each of the people who are in the Different Continental Blocks, or in different Departments and Areas, do the work voluntarily and do not receive any remuneration for doing so. Except the gratitude of the people who help us, and to those who with their support and donation make it possible every day, that we move to the various places where we provide assistance and support.

In 2016 a change in the Rules is proposed, in 2017 they are established. So that the Continental Centrals have greater autonomy, and a Block is created by Continent. It is expected in 2017 to 2018; that already take positions, the new Directors and Managers, for each continent. In March of 2017 the Resolution was approved.

The integration of the four most important Management Centers is also achieved in a single Committee (FEDASF® – AWBIS® ASFI® and ASFWHO®) forming the “”Unified International Board of Directors”, (UBD), which results in a better administration of each headquarters worldwide, without wasting any resource, neither economic nor human, and making decisions as a whole.

We only ask that you have a real desire to help voluntarily, if you do not have it, or it is not your intention, this place is not the right place for you. But … if you “feel” that it is, join today.

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